AMD has 30% of usage share in the latest Steam Hardware & Software for September and Intel needs to worry

    Based on last month’s Steam Hardware & Software Survey for August, we witnessed Intel stealing some of AMD’s processor usage share out of the latter plate. The report stated figures at 27.4% for Team Red and 72.6% for Team Blue, with no sign of any massive swings on the horizon.

    However, it seems that team red is rising again and has now reported a 30.33% share, with the Zen designer finally managing to break down the 30%-figure obstacle and targetting the previously unthinkable 35% or even 40% share mark.

    Do not that the percentages in the September Steam survey are affected by many variables, including people stuck at home dusting off old computers for a gaming session, but, we cannot ignore the fact that AMD had recently cut the prices of its Ryzen 5000 processors.

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    Most of these Zen 3 SKUs are attractive enough to builders even without a price cut, so the slashing prices seem to have worked like a charm. According to the data, Ryzen 5 5600X went from €299 to €265 and is now selling at US$289.99 on Amazon, on the other hand, AMD’s powerhouse Ryzen 9 5950X was cut from €799 to €699 in Europe and now costs US$749 on Amazon US.

    Though Intel and AMD might care or not care about the processor usage share reports on Steam, it doesn’t dismiss the fact that AMD encroaching on possessing a whole third portion of the market wouldn’t be troublesome for Team Blue.

    Intel’s upcoming Alder Lake processors have appeared on various benchmarks and have produced some impressive performance feats but pricing could be an issue for DIY enthusiasts looking to upgrade their PC.

    If things continue Intel could soon see AMD eating more of its market share shortly.


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