Huawei plans to bring out a new clamshell foldable phone with HarmonyOS by the end of 2021

Huawei, no matter how many times I say it, no matter how many new groundbreaking technologies the company brings about, for me, it will always be the Chinese smartphone maker who was played badly by the US government.

The company lost its entire smartphone market share due to the ban imposed on it by the US government and Huawei is still currently struggling under the conditions of ban from the supply-side US market.

However, the company has not lost hope and has now managed to make the Mate X2, the OEM’s latest and probably the best foldable phablet in the market. It is similar to the Galaxy Z Fold3 in many ways, including its book-like form factor.

Samsung may have firmly established that this kind of flexible-display device is one of the most popular thus far. So the latest effort by Huawei is something to which we should be paying more attention.

According to the leaker Bald Panda on Weibo, he states that  Huawei is working on a potential Z Flip3 rival, and it is slated to arrive sometime in 2021.

And to add a cherry to the cake, we also know that Huawei does have a  patent for such a device. The leaker also suggests that Huawei may be saving its last stash of Kirin 9000 chipsets for this putative “Mate V” clamshell foldable.

This explains the biggest question as to why many SKUs of the OEM’s latest conventional flagship smartphone, including the P50 series, launched with 4G/LTE-only versions of the Snapdragon 888.

Finally, should this device truly debut soon, it could be the first Huawei foldable to ship with HarmonyOS instead of EMUI. Huawei is gaining its footing back slowly but surely and the company is positive about its growth in R&D.


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