FIFA looking forward to deciding the new Word Cup project through a vote

    FIFA is looking forward to bring a new World Cup project which will be decided via voting. As per reports, there will be a new format of the FIFA World Cup, which will be initiated based on the voting to be held in either March or April of the next year.

    Sources state that a total of 211 federations will take part in this voting and the decision will be easily taken with the rule of “majority wins”. Though at present, two of the greatest football associations including UEFA, and CONMEBOL are against the project. They are also not in the favor of the idea of doubling the number of WC participants to 48.

    Gianni Infantino regarding this

    The current president of FIFA, Gianni Infantino has made it clear that FIFA organizing only one tournament every year is not at all logical. Infantino has already tried to bring up various tournaments but the process of bringing them has slowed down due to the COVID 19 pandemic.

    Else, the induction of a new Club World Cup would have existed now which would consist of a different format with 24 teams to participate in it. The FIFA president is also aware of the fact that various clubs will complain as many players of the respective clubs will have matches with their respective national teams during the season.

    FIFA’s Strategy

    FIFA wants to do away with the international breaks in September and November and planning to conduct the World Cup qualifiers in October with the confederation’s tournaments happening in odd-numbered years. Arsene Wenger is in charge of the project. He will be looking to cut down the players traveling schedules, looking after their health, and reducing the match loads. It is to be seen when the actions take place.

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