UCL 2021-22: Benfica completely dominates Barcelona in the group stage match

    Football fans were shocked as Benfica not only defeated Barcelona but completely dominated them in UCL at Estadio da Luz on Thursday. They defeated Los Blancos by 3 goals, one of which came through a penalty at the 79th minute. It was the second match of Group E where Benfica secured a great achievement. Also, Barcelona is feeling the absence of Lionel Messi, along with regretting the injury of Sergio Aguero.

    The match

    Soon the match kicked off, Darwin Nunez of Benfica gave his team an early lead by scoring the first goal of the match in the 3rd minute. An early lead by Benfica was a sort of pressure for the Barca fans, but it was thought that they will recover soon. However nothing like that happened, and no goal was scored from either side in the first 45 minutes since the first goal.

    During the initial phase of the second half, the score was the same, with Benfica having a 1-0 lead against Barca. In the 69th minute, Rafa Silva scored the second goal of the match and for Benfica making the score 2-0 and it was indeed very much tough for Barcelona to fight back but not impossible.

    But nothing like it happened, as Darwin Nunez for the second time in the match scored a goal for his team after he got a penalty. This sealed the victory for Benfica and Barcelona was not able to come back to the fight.

    Match Stats

    Considering the stats of the match the fight between the two teams was indeed very good, but Barcelona was unable to make the fight fruitful. Barcelona played 8 shots whereas Benfica played 12, with shots in the target being 1 and 6 respectively.

    On the other hand, Barcelona was in the upper hand in ball possession with 60% and Benfica being 40%. Barca played 524 passes with an accuracy rate of 89% whereas Benfica played 358% passes with an accuracy rate of 84%.

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