iPhone 13 delivery time extended due to rising cases in Vietnam

    According to a new report from Nikkei Asia, buyers of Apple’s newly released iPhone 13 devices will have to wait for longer-than-expected delivery times because of a wave of COVID-19 infections in Vietnam. This is because the components for the device’s new camera module are assembled in the country.

    Since a significant number of components related to the phone’s camera are assembled in Vietnam this disruption will cause severe issues to the delivery time of the iPhone 13 family. However, these constraints could ease as soon as mid-October and is reportedly linked to a constriction in supplies of modules for the phone’s four models.

    The latest iPhone 13 models have an advanced camera that allows more light to capture sharp images in low-lit areas and also offers a transition focus from foreground to background in the same frame.

    Reportedly many of the company’s users as well as its partners such as the Several of the company’s partners, such as Verizon Communications Inc and Best Buy, have reported delays after pre-ordering began in September due to a shortage of supply and high demand. Many analysts have also eaned that the delivery period of the iPhone 13’s will be one of the longest waiting times for the phone in recent years.

    Apple currently relies on more than a dozen factories that manufacture components in Vietnam, and the country has been gripped by one of the worst COVID situations we have seen and the rise in infections have been increasing since April, mostly in its business hub Ho Chi Minh City and neighboring industrial provinces.

    Some of these factories in Vietnam are operated by LG Display Company Ltd, Intel Corp, and Foxconn Technology Group. In other news, Apple suppliers in China have suspended production at some factories for several days to comply with tighter energy consumption policies.

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