Intel plan’s to release Neural Engine for Meteor Lake based on what Apple uses for its M1 CPUs

    According to the latest information posted over at Moore’s Law Is Dead, Intel’s newest architecture which is codenamed Meteor Lake will reportedly have an Apple-style Neural Engine. As we know, Apple utilizes its Neural in their desktops, laptops, and the newest iPhone models however, Intel is planning to leverage a similar technology developed by themselves.

    The blue team is yet to release their newest Alder Lake CPUs which according to recent rumours will most probably come out on November 4th, but the YouTube channel’s host believes that Intel has already hinted at releasing an integrated vision processing unit (VPU) shortly.

    It’s been estimated that the new technology from Intel will come out as soon as 2023.

    according to reports, the VPU will take space, embedded on the dies, next to Intel’s CPU core architecture, and will perform almost similar to Apple’s Neural Engine technology which exists in the Cupertino giant’s latest M1 processors.

    Apple’s Neural Processor or Neural Processing Unit (NPU) is

    […]is a well-partitioned circuit that comprises all the control and arithmetic logic components necessary to execute machine learning algorithms. NPUs are designed to accelerate the performance of common machine learning tasks such as image classification, machine translation, object detection, and various other predictive models. NPUs may be part of a large SoC, a plurality of NPUs may be instantiated on a single chip, or they may be part of a dedicated neural-network accelerator.

    […]NPUs sometimes go by similar names such as a tensor processing unit (TPU), neural network processor (NNP) and intelligence processing unit (IPU) as well as vision processing unit (VPU), and graph processing unit (GPU).

    Over at Moore’s Law Is Dead, Tom explains how the VPU could process video more efficiently, upscaling video output.

    “Meteor Lake will get an integrated VPU Accelerator. It’s similar to the Neural in the Apple M1 for speech recognition, language models, and conceivably tons of apps by the time Meteor Lake launches.”


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