Barcelona defeat against Benfica in the Champions League has set an unwanted record

    Barcelona’s manager Ronaldo Koeman is in trouble because they have lost two consecutive champions league group stage matches. So they will find it hard to progress to the next round, Round of 16.

    Barcelona’s 2nd champions league group stage match against Benfica was on Wednesday where they set an unwanted record for their club.

    Barcelona’s first champions league group stage match was against Bayern Munich which ended with a 0-3 defeat at their home. And yesterday again in they lost to Benfica by a 3-0 margin.

    After the 2 consecutive losses in the champions league group stage, Barcelona has set an unwanted record. Not only that they lost 2 consecutive matches in the champions league group stage, but they have also now done something that none of the previous Barcelona teams has managed before in the club’s history.

    As Mundo Deportivo reported, no Barcelona side have lost 2 consecutive matches in the champions league group stage match.

    After the 2 consecutive losses, Barcelona is now at the last of their group. Barcelona is 4 points behind the 2nd placed club Benfica in the champions league table.

    A defeat and a draw in 1997 was the worst the club had started in the competition up until Wednesday night. This is not a club that is used to being inferior in the Champions League group stage, and this horrible start has left head coach Koeman on the brink of losing his job.

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