After years of service, Silicon Lottery announces its shut-down

    In the latest news, Silicon Lottery announced that it will be shutting down its business. This closing marks the end to its pre-binned Intel and AMD CPU sales. The company has been operating for several years and has offered several pre-binned variants of Intel and AMD CPUs.

    In the initial offering the company started with AMD CPUs with the launch of 1st Gen Ryzen however, the company was offering Intel’s CPUs back to Skylake. The company has now announced that the business will be coming to an end next month.

    Silicon Lottery stated several reasons for the closure of the business and one of the major reasons is because both Intel and AMD are offering tighter bins on their top-end SKUs leaving little headroom for overclocking to be achieved.

    Intel has even moved to a solder-TIM since their 9th Generation CPUs, which has made it pretty much pointless to achieving better cooling. Silicon Lottery also stated that the shortage of chips has taken a huge toll on its business.

    The company has stated that it will be selling the last Intel Rocket Lake pre-binned CPUs till 31st October 2021 while orders and deciding services will be delivered to customers by 30th November 2021.

    Following is the full statement by Silicon Lottery:


    Our online store will be closing on October 31, 2021. Any orders placed for our delidding service will need to be delivered to us by November 30, 2021, for completion. For warranty or other assistance after we close the store, contact us at the email listed on your packing slip.

    We have had a fantastic time these past seven years at Silicon Lottery. This business has grown and made an impact on so many people, more than I ever imagined was possible. I appreciate all of you that I’ve been able to talk with over these years, from troubleshooting to general questions to speculation. It’s been so easy to connect with so many of you through this hobby we share.

    We’re shutting down not for just one reason, but a combination of many. As you may be aware, overclocking headroom has been dwindling these past several years with manufacturers offering higher frequencies at stock, better-boosting algorithms, and tighter bins between models which reduces overclock frequency variation (the 11900K is essentially a binned 11700K, so with the 11900K we’re binning what has already been fairly heavily binned). This type of product segmentation is nothing new, but having such minor differences between the two models is a more recent shift. Intel has also switched from a polymer TIM back to a solder TIM starting with their 9th generation CPUs, which has reduced the thermal benefits achieved from delidding. In addition, supply issues have taken a major toll on us, even before the pandemic started. Our orders with distributors for the last few releases have been nightmares of delays upon delays.

    With all of this in mind, sales have fallen below the point where it makes sense for us to keep the store open. We know many of you are eagerly wanting Alder Lake CPUs, and we’re sorry that we won’t be able to fulfill your needs this time. We have seen your emails rolling in these past couple of weeks, and we’re sorry for not getting back to you guys earlier as we’ve been busy juggling this decision.

    While we will be closed for the foreseeable future, it’s not necessarily goodbye forever. If things change in the market, in particular, if overclocking headroom and variation increases for whatever reason, we may get things rolling again.

    We wish all of you the best, and to keep having fun tweaking hardware!


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