Wednesday, October 20, 2021

UCL 2021-22: Atletico Madrid gain victory over Milan in the eleventh hour!

A terrific showdown took place between Atletico Madrid and AC Milan, where the former gained victory over them later in the additional time. Fans got to see two of the best football clubs lock horns with each other at San Siro. Atletico Madrid was certainly a bit ahead of their opposition as per the stats, but AC Milan was no way far behind and gave a tough fight to them as well.

The Match

It was the second match from group B, Atletico Madrid secured their well-deserving win against Milan. Initially, Rafael Leao scored the first goal of the match and for AC Milam, and gave his club an early lead. Till half-time, there was no goal scored from both the teams since the first goal. Atletico Madrid was playing well but still couldn’t find the perfect way to equalize.

Till the 80th minute, there was no goal scored from either side since the first goal. However Madrid at last stroke back, when Antoine Griezmann scored the first goal for his team equalizing the score. Fans thought that the game will be drawn but suddenly in the last moment of the additional time, Madrid got a penalty and Luis Suarez didn’t miss the chance to register the goal. The scoreboard showed 1-2 in for of Atletico Madrid.

Stats of the match

Considering the stats of the match, Atletico Madrid was a bit dominant over AC Milan. Madrid played a total of 22 shots with 5 of them in target shots whereas Milan played 7 with 3 of them in the target. Madrid played a total of 566 passes with an accuracy rate of 86%. On the other hand, Milan played 313 passes with an accuracy rate of 76%.  The ball possession between Madrid and Milan was 65% and 35% respective.

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