MediaTek and AMD to join hands to develop notebook applications integrating Wi-Fi, 5G, and high-transmission technologies

The world is currently facing an unprecedented shortage of chips, and the country that has the world’s attention to curb this issue is no one else but the island country of Taiwan. The country houses two of the world’s most popular and largest chip manufacturing companies, the Taiwanese Semiconductor Manufacturing Company and MediaTek.

According to the latest reports, the world’s second most popular CPU and GPU manufacturer, Advanced Micro Devices, and Taiwan’s MediaTek are reportedly seeking to form a joint venture that will develop notebook applications integrating Wi-Fi, 5G, and high-transmission technologies.

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The country is hoping that through this venture, MediaTek could play a leading role in the local supply chain to compete with Qualcomm in the mmWave 5G market. The country is also looking to establish itself in the EV car manufacturing sector market.

AMD, MediaTek reportedly in talks to form JV is the current speculation circulating in the chipmaking market. The primary purpose of this joint venture of AMD and MediaTek is to dedicate itself to developing SoC solutions combining Wi-Fi, 5G, and high transmission technologies for notebook applications.

Taiwan is also expecting MediaTek to lead the country in the mmWave 5G chips supply chain.  The maker of RF and PA devices in Taiwan hopes that MediaTek can lead the local supply chain to meet competition from Qualcomm in tapping the mmWave 5G market.

On another note, the chip crisis is worsening, with the shortage showing no signs of getting rectified, and the supply chain remains disrupted. The shortage of chips has led and will keep increasing the prices of electronics that use embedded chips. The chip manufacturers are reportedly facing a new issue at hand, which is the lack of a talented workforce.


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