TSMC announces its strong effort to combat chip shortage

The global semiconductor shortage has affected the world in a horrible way. The shortage has led to an increase in the prices of products like CPUs and GPUs. However, the supply chain disruption has also affected other electronic items that use chips of any kind; hence the electronic items are currently selling at an unexpectedly high price, and the price is still estimated to go high up even more.

In recent sources, the Taiwanese Semiconductor Manufacturing Company stated that it is currently actively supporting and working with all stakeholders to overcome a global semiconductor shortage after participating in a White House meeting on the issue.

“TSMC has been a strong partner in this effort, taking unprecedented actions to address this challenge.”

As we know, there was a recent high-profile meeting conducted at the White House targeted towards the steps that can be taken to get the world out of the current ongoing semiconductor shortage and supply chain disruptions.

TSMC, Intel, and Samsung, along with some of the world’s biggest chip manufacturers, were present during the meet, and they were all tasked with fighting the chip shortage. TSMC will soon start the operations at its Arizona fab, and the company is scheduled to enter into the mass production of its 3nm process nodes.

“We are confident that our capacity expansion plan, including the advanced 5nm semiconductor fab in Phoenix, Arizona – one of the largest foreign direct investments in U.S. history – will enable us to support the industry in driving long-term stability in semiconductor supplies.”

However, analysts claim that it will still take some more months before we can see the chip supply coming at a stable range.

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