Neymar defends Lucas Paqueta’s yellow card for trying a trick

Paris Saint-Germain has made it 7 out of 7 wins in the Ligue 1 as they look to reclaim their Ligue 1 title from Lille as they beat Metz 2-1. Meanwhile, in the other Ligue 1 match. Lyon midfielder Lucas Paqueta was shown a yellow card for trying a trick in their 3-1 victory at home to Troyes.

Paqueta had tried to lift the ball over a Troyes player’s head near the corner flag, and it seemed to hit their hand, which Paqueta appealed for. But the referee saw it differently and awarded him a yellow card.

Neymar has come to his compatriot’s defence and condemned the yellow card.

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Neymar wrote on his Instagram story: “This is very sad, to get a yellow card for trying a trick.”

“The trick is a way to solve a problem, it doesn’t matter where it is on the pitch nor the minute it takes place in.”

“It happened to me last year and this year it’s happened to Paqueta.”

“Honestly, I don’t understand it,” he continued in his message.

“This is what ‘Joga Bonito’ is – to have fun while playing.”

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