Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Apple to include a horizontal camera for its next-generation iPad Pro devices

Apple’s M1 iPad Pro comes with desktop-class hardware, and Apple has almost convinced its user base that the M1 iPad Pro is its ‘top of the line’ tablet family which can replace their laptops. In an attempt to enforce this habit, it’s rumoured that Apple will be adopting a horizontal camera placement, which can mean that all Face ID components and the front-facing sensor will see a shift in position.

Since users of iPad Pro tend to switch to landscape mode to carry out their desired task, be it content consumption, video editing, or any other, it’s clear that most of the tasks are achieved while the tablet is in a horizontal position like using a regular notebook.

So, using it in this position makes it hard for the device to capture your face correctly when authenticating, taking a picture, or making video calls. So fresh rumours claim that Apple will be switching the camera configuration to a horizontal one.

This change might seem to be small, however, it could mean the entire world to some customers who continuously switch to landscape manually, which makes for a tedious operation. And since the Cupertino giant is also rumored to make the landscape mode default this will become a great addition to the device.

However, we still have no official confirmation as to when this feature will arrive, but we have heard that the current-generation 11-inch M1 iPad Pro will feature a mini-LED upgrade next year, but apart from that, the tipster shared no other information.


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