Salesforce terms India as a top priority market and promises to continue its investment in the ecosystem

Salesforce has already made it clear that India is a top priority market for the company. It plans to continue its investment in the ecosystem to maintain its strong pace of growth in the country. Salesforce President and Chief Operating Officer Bret Taylor termed India as a “priority market”. They stated that it is the second-largest employee base for the company outside of the US.

“We have seen incredible growth and momentum in this market. It’s a hub for innovation, a hub for talent, that’s why it’s not just about growing our employee base and our customer base; it’s about Salesforce Ventures, which inspired that investment (in Razorpay), and we’re investing into that ecosystem.”

As we know, quite recently, Salesforce’s venture capital arm, Salesforce Ventures, invested an undisclosed amount in Indian fintech firm Razorpay. The Venture has invested in many companies in the country, including Hash node and Darwinbox.

“There’s a lot more to come there, I’m very excited about our Arundhati’s leadership, and I think we’ll continue to see a ton of growth in India; I’m very excited about that market.”

On Tuesday, the company also announced its capabilities to integrate Slack across its products and industry solutions, along with new Slack innovations that can improve collaboration across organizational boundaries and even empower teams to embrace asynchronous working.

Salesforce terms India as a top priority market and promises to continue its investment in the ecosystem

“Every company needs a digital HQ to connect its employees, customers, and partners, and thrive in a work-from-anywhere world. Organizations around the world build their digital HQs on Salesforce and Slack so they can work better and grow faster.”

In August, Salesforce launched the new Slack integrations across sales, service, marketing, and analytics (Tableau). Now the company is launching integrations across most of its products, including Commerce, Experience, Platform, Trailhead, MuleSoft, and Quip, and its industry clouds and products including Sustainability, Corporate and Investment Banking, Healthcare and Life Sciences, Philanthropy, Nonprofit, and Education.

The company has also developed emissions reductions strategies across Scope 1, 2, and 3 in four key categories: work from anywhere, infrastructure, business travel, and supply chain. Salesforce is also soon unveiling its ‘Sustainability Cloud 2.0′ to accelerate customers’ path to Net-Zero. This new tech stands to empower organizations to track and reduce their carbon emissions and become sustainable businesses.

“I’m proud that Salesforce is one of the few companies to have achieved Net Zero and 100% renewable energy, but we can’t stop until we embrace every solution and get every business on board.

Together, we can sequester 100 gigatons of carbon by restoring, conserving, or growing 1 trillion trees; energize an ecopreneur revolution to develop innovative climate solutions; and accelerate the Fortune 1000 to reach Net Zero.”


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