Paramount Plus announces a new streaming bundle for its service, which also include Showtime

Yesterday, Paramount Plus made a huge announcement that it will be launching a new streaming bundle for both its ad-supported and premium tiers that include Showtime. As we know, Paramount is looking to bounce back after suffering heavily from the closing of cinemas around the globe which caused the company heavy losses.

The Paramount Plus current offers two subscription options; the first is a pared-down essential plan with limited ads for $5 per month, and the next is the ad-free premium plan for $10 per month. On the other hand, ViacomCBS’s Showtime offers the bundle at special introductory pricing of $10 per month and $13 per month, respectively.

During the pandemic, the market for OTT platforms grew tremendously, and all the streaming services are looking to lure subscribers by offering additional features such as limited free-to-stream content or slashed promotional pricing.

Paramount Plus is trying to do the same in hopes that the new package will help it win new customers. Tom Ryan, president and CEO of ViacomCBS streaming, said the company expects the “competitively priced bundle to only further expand the reach of both services.”

The new bundle by Paramount Plus is a pretty good deal if we are considering its offering price. Showtime’s ad-free streaming service costs $11 a month after a 30-day trial period. It’s unclear how much the bundle will cost after the introductory fees; however, we have to wait for the announcement later.


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