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Two key players of Barcelona have been injured during the Champions League group stage match against Bayern Munich

Two key players of Barcelona have been injured in the Champions League match against Bayern Munich. The two key players of Barcelona who have been injured are Jordi Alba and Pedri.

Barcelona lost the match 0-3 to Bayern. Thomas Muller scored one goal and Robert Lewandowski scored a brace, which helped Bayern Munich to win the champions league group stage match against Barcelona.

The injury of the two key players has felt Ronaldo Koeman in trouble. At this time, things in Barcelona are getting worse because Lionel Messi left Barcelona as a free agent, which means Barcelona has lost a great part of the club.

Messi joined French giants PSG despite not wanting to leave Barcelona. He had to leave Barcelona because of the financial problems of the club.

FC Barcelona to compete at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics
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At the time of the International break, Jordi Alba was injured, and this is the second time Jordi Alba has been injured this season.

Jordi Alba was replaced by Balde in the UCL match. And now, it has been confirmed that Jordi Alba is now suffering from a muscle injury in the biceps femoris of the right leg, and he is likely to be out until the next International Break. So this a sad news as Barcelona has lost their first-choice left-back. This means that he will miss the great opponents of Barcelona, such as Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid etc. Jordi Alba will greatly miss the El Classico.

Barcelona midfielder Pedri is also likely to be out for about 3 to 4 weeks from now due to injury. Pedri’s injury in the quadriceps of the left leg is also confirmed. So now, Ronaldo Koeman is facing a huge problem.

Barcelona’s next champions league group stage match is against Benfica on Thursday, 30th September at 12:30 am IST.

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