Hamilton refused to keep the device on his car which ultimately saved him!

Formula 1 legend Lewis Hamilton refused to keep the device by which he was once saved. It is about the Halo Device which he used back in 2016. However, the 36year-old refused to keep the device in his car. The all-time great is aware of the fact that this modern device is a must-needed thing in today’s F1 race regardless of looks or risk.

Statement from Hamilton regarding the Halo device

The halo device was made to enhance the protection of the head of the drivers. Lewis Hamilton is totally against this device from both a risk and design perspective. He told the reporters ahead of the 2016 F1 season that if the device comes to F1, there will also be an option of either using it or not. He won’t use it he stated further.

Hamilton further said that he was hoping that the organization is not bringing this tool. This is about the protection of the drivers and hence drivers should have their respective choices to acquire it or not. He likes it in the way it is now and when he gets inside the car, he knows that there is a certain risk.

Safety is a much important thing Hamilton added. There are risks they take in the race and they only have to decide that how much risk they want to take. Lastly, he said that he would drive without that device and even risk it.

Change of mind

A change of mind occurred for Lewis Hamilton before the Italian GP. He used the device before the Grand Prix and even found it worth using. In the Italian GP, a massive accident occurred, where Verstappen and Hamilton collided, and Red Bull landed on the top of Hamilton’s Mercedes. However, because of the Halo device, which Hamilton was using, it didn’t get fatal. Lewis even said that he has never been hit by the card before in the head. He is very fortunate as the device saved him.

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