These are the Top 17 Highest Paid actors in 2021

    Actors are indeed known for making their fortune out of their jobs. The glam and glitz are definitely the factors that can attract the eye of the public. You have ever thought about the worth of your favourite actors? In this pandemic situation and their extravagant lifestyles add to the fact that they can acquire enough to afford all the things.

    The most amazing facts are how the richest actors of the world have surpassed their net worth by swelling in 2021 mainly in this economic uncertainty when one celebrity gets the popularity globally for his movies. They are definitely one of the most paid ones.

    Here is the list of the top 17 highest-paid actors in 2021:

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    17. Robert Pattinson

    Salary: $3 million

    He is known for his incredible performance as a Batman. He has got $3 million for his role as Bruce Wayne in comparison with his A-lister counterparts. It has already made an impact that has figured out dramatically for swelling g once after the superhero flick has been released.

    Chris Pine 50+ Cool Images And Latest HD Wallpapers - HollywoodPicture.Net

    16. Chris Pine

    Salary: $11.5 million

    He is popular for his role in Wonder Woman and also to the upcoming Dungeons and Dragons. He is definitely a brilliant actor; in this, the bank account of Pine has served the goods, with the actor who has a net worth of $11.5 million. For the role.

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    15. Keanu Reeves

    Salary: $12 -$14 million

    He is popular for his role in the Matrix film. He has set to come back for the Matrix without reward. On-screen, he is one of the most emotionless actors who has scored between $12-$14 million for his performance to the hit sci-fi franchise series.

    Top 10 Best Tom Cruise Movies Ranked

    14. Tom Cruise

    Salary: $13 million

    He is one of the most popular action heroes in the film industry. He has made his position in the list of the highest-earning list has played both sides of the equation. He is not only set to score a big amount of assets from the box office back end also for the coming Top Gun sequel and has signed to an initial payment plan with Smart man.

    Michael B Jordan: Latest News & Videos, Photos about Michael B Jordan | The  Economic Times - Page 1

    13. Michael B. Jordan

    Salary: $15 million

    This actor is just like a boatload of cash. It is reported that Jordan has earned about $15 million for the elite Navy SEAL role for seeking justice for the killing of his pregnant wife.

    Brad Pitt Facts and Things You Didn't Know About Him

    12. Brad Pitt

    Salary: $20 million

    He has come on the rich list for his role Sandra Bullock on Bullet Train. The Oscar Winner has signed about the upcoming action thriller film this year and has set to lead to falling the star cast bin the adventure. He has earned about $20 million.

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    11. Chris Hemsworth

    Salary: $20 million

    The thunder god is also one of the richest actors after Taika Waititi’s hyper colour hit Thor: Ragnarok. He has been followed by Thor: Love and Thunder. For Ragnarok, the star has demanded a massive play cheque, but it may be less than the co-star of Avenger’s Robert Downey Jr.

    Ryan Gosling Net Worth: How Much the Actor Is Worth and How He Got Famous

    10. Ryan Gosling

    Salary: $20 million

    T is reported that one of the most costly Netflix films to have been produced. The Grey Man depicts the return of the best sci-fi thriller. The popular Blade Runner 2049 actor has been signed for the Anthony and Joe Russo has filmed earlier and has earned $20 million salaries.

    9 Sandra Bullock Movies That Everyone Should See

    9. Sandra Bullock

    Salary: $20 million

    The flick of Sandra B, The Lost City of D, has told the story of the incredible romance novelist during the tour of the book with her cover model. It has got swept up for attempting a kidnapping case that has landed on them both in the cutthroat jungle. He has earned $20 million and make the ninth position on the list.

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    8. Julia Roberts

    Salary: $25 million

    This gorgeous actress is on the way to collect a wealth of cash in the upcoming months after signing the family drama Leave the World Behind. It revolves around the upcoming Rumaan Alam novel, which will hit on Netflix very soon.

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    7. Jennifer Lawrence

    Salary: $25 million

    It seems that the budget of the film Don’t Look Up is seriously very enormous. This Oscar-winning actress also has owned $25 million and become one of the highest-paid female actors in 2021. She is just passing a successful year in front of the camera.

    How Mark Wahlberg Became Hollywood's Highest-Paid Actor

    6. Mark Wahlberg

    Salary: $30 million

    The Netflix Original Spencer Original is definitely a hit for Mark Wahlberg. This action comedy film is, although not to be Oscar-worthy, it has released in the correct place at the right time, as it released at the top peek point of the pandemic situation and became a massive hit in 2021.

    Leonardo DiCaprio: All his best photos through the years

    5. Leonardo DiCaprio

    Salary: $30 million

    This man is not behind in the race of cash. He will get a huge amount of cash for the upcoming film Don’t Look Up. He will play the lead role and has managed to make $30 million, however.

    Why Didn't Denzel Washington Get an Oscar for 'American Gangster'?

    4. Denzel Washington

    Salary: $40 million

    In Hollywood, he is one of the most fixed men. He is the two-time Academy Award-winning actor, producer, and definitely, director to boost his bottom line with such major roles. The actor has earned $40 million for the thriller The Little Things.

    How Will Smith Got an 8-Pack for 'Suicide Squad' | Men's Journal

    3. Will Smith

    Salary: $40 million

    It will not be wrong if we call him an Oscar-buzz actor. The latest film by Smith King Richard boost the actor. He has played the role of Richard Williams as the father of tennis that greats Venus and Serena that make him help build $40 million.

    Hottest Pictures of Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson | POPSUGAR Celebrity

    2. Dwayne Johnson

    Salary: $50 million

    Dwayne Johnson, aka The Rock, is A-lister as the highest-paid actor; this year. He just has slipped into the second position. The projection of his $50 million salaries with the primary reports has suggested his latest Red One paycheque and come him closer to $30 before the participation at the back end box office.

    Daniel Craig Is All Business In First Poster For James Bond Film 'No Time  To Die' – Deadline

    1. Daniel Craig

    Salary: $100 million

    In 2021, he will be the richest actor globally for this a big thanks to Netflix for the lucrative deal. This streaming service has exposed the runaway hit of Craig’s Knives Out, with the two sequels has set to premiere in the next years.  It is reported that his $100 million pay-cheque has been credited to back-end box office participation. It is also a hefty contribution from the new Bond movie No Time to Die for swelling the final figure.

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