Apex Legends Tier List: We have explained each legend according to their rank

Apex Legends is one of the most popular games nowadays; it is an interesting game and contains many unique characters who have to acquire such powerful abilities. After playing many matches, we have to make a list according to the strengths, powers, and tier ranking.

In some years, many changes and updates happen in the game, but this rank will have five solid concepts of occurring the game after the visit of Seer in the Emergence season and beyond. Making a list based on the ranking is definitely not easy as you have to remember all the abilities and powers of the character, from micro drones of Seer, jetpack of Valkyrie to Rampart’s crouch cover, and also the ability of the other character.

Here is the Tier rank list of the players of Apex Legend:

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18. Rampart


This character built a crouch cover wall by Amped Cover Build that has deployed an amped wall over it to block the incoming fire and outgoing shots of amps.

The modded loader can increase the magazine capacity, and also it can reload the speed while it uses LMGs.

It can embrace the minigun, Sheila.


This character had been introduced in the sixth season, but it has rather substandard at the moment. She can defend you efficiently, but it can be destroyed very easily while setting itself high. The amp cover Sheila has taken two seconds t spinning her barrels, and that time, she is very loud, which is not good for you. The extended magazine capacity is beneficial in certain lvl situations, but you should fix your target and shoot it with more ammo. This encourages the camping positions but does not defend them like the other legends, Watson. It belongs to the average tier.

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17. Wattson


It has the ability to connect nodes to generate electrified fences that damage and slow enemies.

The most extreme accelerants have been fully charged your ability, and you can carry two per inventory slot. The nearest interception pylons can dramatically increase your ability to recharge.

It can place an electrified pylon that destroys incoming ordnance and repairs damaged shields as long as

It can stand.


In this game, this character, Wattson, is like the Static Defender and definitely the ideal option for those who want to play it safe and bunker down. The strategy with Wattson is to select a building and decorate it lovingly with electric fences, and you will want to cover all the doors, and the place has some diagonal fences inside also. This one can also lay a fence across a Wraith’s portal for tripping the enemies up if they try to burst out of one. It belongs to the weak tier.

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16. Crypto


This Apex Legend character can deploy all the aerial drone that allows you to view the surrounding area from above. If somehow all the drone gets destroyed, it takes forty-second to cool down before you can deploy another.

The Surveillance Drone can detect the enemies detected within the range of 30 meters of your position has marked for you and your teammates to watch.

It can set off the  Surveillance Drone for an EMP blast that can deal with the damage of the shield and can slow down the enemies, and the traps will not work anymore.


This legend character can also gear up by acquiring the intelligence across your surroundings and using that information for taking the best battles by ensuring your safety. He is definitely the incredible use for the squad that will work together to create his skills. You can also deploy your Surveillance Drone regularly, fly it up to 200 meters away to find out the locations of the enemies and items. The ability of Neurolink will make it even very easy to Spotify the enemies from the view of the Drone, and even while you are not actively flying it. However, the main disadvantage of the drone is that when you are away from the fairies, the corporeal that you will generate is standing there like a lemon and completely vulnerable to somebody bursting in. It belongs to the average tier.

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15. Loba


She is known as the best friend of Burglar and can teleport from one place to another by throwing the bracelet.

You can see epic and also legendary loot across the walls by using her eye.

The most powerful thing is she can be able to teleport you near to the loot.


You can call this character the queen of loot and teleport you across the map; the main problem arose while most bugs had become fixed, then her bracelet faced some struggles to go along the open windows. It cannot extend the lot ticks or the death boxes, although it has contained legendary items. It belongs to the average tier.

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14. Mirage


This character has the psychic ability can confuse the enemies whom you can control with H.

It can turn invisible while downed, healing, or spawning teammates.

As a party’s life, it can decoy a team of six controllable Decoys to distract the enemies.


This character is mainly known for sending of Decoy to give some confusion to the enemies. The Decoy will also be used to scout out traps, block shots, cool down that is low, and use them while visiting any buildings. After sending Decoy, you should press H to make the enemies controllable. It belongs to the average tier.

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13. Revenant


It has the ability to throw the device that deals with the damage and can disable the powers of enemies for 20 seconds.

This character can walk faster and can climb up with the higher than the other Legends.

It has the ability to drop the total that can protect those who can use it from death for a set amount of time. Instead of being killed or downed, users will come to the totem.


In this, Revenant has become very useful like the Apex Legends has Meta has got more terrible. The Silence tactical is very useful and has the ability to prevent the enemies from activating the tactical and ultimate abilities. It can affect you as well, so it has to beware of throwing it too close. In this, you can chuck out a grenade simultaneously for adding the impact, or you can use it to prevent the foes from pushing through a door or corridor while you heal up.

In the city fights, the climbing buff is good. It can allow you to sneak up on your enemies and also ADS while walking to move faster. It belongs to the good tier.

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12. Bangalore


It is a smoke launcher that can fire the high-velocity smoke canister that will explode into the smoke wall and leave some impact.

It can fire double time while you sprint that makes the character faster for some time.

It has the ability to roll Thunder Call with the artillery trike and creeping slowly along the landscape.


This character is definitely a solid and well-rounded legend with excellent skill sets that are definitely not difficult for using effectively for absolute beginners. The smoke canister that she has used has two charges and also is the best to use to generate the cover and concealment between the Bangalore and the enemy. She can simultaneously heal herself while throwing the canister, which is definitely an advantage. It belongs to the good tier.

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11. Lifeline


It has the power to call your Drone of Compassion to recover nearby teammates overtime automatically.

It has the ability to revive the knocked down teammates faster while protected by a shield wall, and you can also leave the D.O.C. to reheal an ally in your stead. In this, the healing items can be used 25% faster, and you can also found more items in blue supply bins.

It has the ability to call in a drop pod full of high-quality defensive gear.


In this game, the Lifeline is definitely the Combat Medic and a good choice if you like your teammates and want to utilize all of your powers to make them happy. In this, the Heal Drone is most useful after the battle while you are looking up but should be used as much as possible off to cool down if your team needs healing when it is temporarily stationary. In this, there is also has the ability to headbutt around a little to move it, but this takes practice. It belongs to the good tier.

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10. Fuse


It has the ability to stack in piles of two instead of the original one. Fuse has the power to launch grenades using his arm cannon; it can fire ordnance faster, further, and more accurately in comparison with the other legends.

It can launch the bomb cluster that can deal with the damages can give some impact before turning into several little explosives. It has the ability that can inflict self-damage, and it is essential to avoid such explosive follow-up.

It has the power to launch a mortar in mid-air that encircles the target in a wall of flame. It can explode in the air, taking such a few seconds for the flames to land ahead of dealing with some damage.


This character also can use the ordnance in the path just like no other Legend can thank his unique abilities. Not only can this character stack the grenades in his inventory, but he can also drop the ordnance that much further and faster. It has seemed extremely effective in the middle to the long-range as Fuse can land grenades to hit the areas that no one else can. It belongs to the good tier.

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9. Caustic


It has the ability to drop the canisters to release such deadly Nox gas while shot or triggered by the enemies.

It can permit you to watch enemies along with your gas.

The main ability is to blankets a large area by using the Nox gas.


It is a currently grown-up character based on the popularity thanks to a series of the Legendary skins, the release of his heirloom, and the incredible giant gaseous hammer. Caustic’s ability lets him drop up to six gas canisters on the map, which emits a gas that damages enemies’ health by increasing increments every second. It also slows both enemies and teammates, as no one has the nose to endure such an offensive emission. It belongs to the good tier.

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8. Horizon


Reverses the flow of gravity, lifting players upwards and boosting them outwards when they exit.

It can increase the control of air and decrease fall impacts with Horizon’s custom spacesuit.

It has the ability to deploy NEWT to generate a micro black hole that pulls players in towards it and hits them with a gravitation blast at the end.


In the last few additions to the Apex Legends roster that haven’t significantly impacted the game, Horizon has held such unique abilities. The Spacewalk, which is the passive ability, provides her good mobility than most of the characters, and it can pair extremely well with its latest map, Olympus. This there is the only Legend holding much better mobility than Horizon is Pathfinder, and even then, you could argue that Horizon is technically good overall. It belongs to the strong tier.

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7. Pathfinder


It can be grappling reach places very fast.

It has the ability of Insider Knowledge Scan for the survey beacon to expose the next location of the ring that will reduce your Zipline Gun for 10 seconds.

The character’s Zipline Gun gas created zipline for everyone for use.


This is mainly zippy information collecting robot that can swing across the map and provide mobility to the team. The Insider Knowledge has been suffered while each raccoon character got the ability for using the survey beacons; he is also just like the bloodhounds while scanning for seven seconds. We will suggest you should use the Zipline soon. It belongs to the strong tier.

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6. Octane


It is one of the last characters of the game as it can move 30% faster for six seconds.

It can restore its health automatically over time.

The character also deploys a jump pad over the launch pad to catapult the teammates in the air.


This giant character is known as the adrenaline junkie, a slippery fish that is very fast and difficult to catch. The ability of stim has costs 10 health but will provide a temporary boost in speed. We will suggest that you should use it at the starting of the game. You will get a huge advantage at the time of looting by securing the landing spot. If you use this character, then you don’t have to worry about your health very much. It belongs to the strong tier.

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5. Valkyrie


It has the power to fire 12 mini-rockets in a rectangular grid to damage and destroy nearby enemies.

We would like to inform you that you can use Hover in the air by using VTOL jets and holding jump for a limited time.

It has the ability to launch into the air and skydive to a new location. Valkyrie can come with her teammates with her huge take-off.


The extreme ability of Valkyrie allows her to redeploy, also with her teammates, to a different location. While you’re running into the low on origins, and the squad has been unlucky with the available ground loot, you got the option to jet off to a completely new spot as a godsend. Skyward Dive provides you with the chance to get out of conditions from where your team has next to no chance of surviving. It belongs to the strong tier.

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4. Bloodhound


It has the brief ability to reveal hidden enemies, traps, and clues by examining the structures in front of you.

The special ability is to see tracks left behind by your foes.

It has the ability to increase your senses and provide you to move faster and highlighting your prey.


If you are a very skilled shooting player, you’ll do very well with Bloodhound. It has the ability to reveal to you if all enemies have passed along the nearest locations within the last 90 seconds; you can ping this information out in your team and let them reveal that the trail is hot. It belongs to the best tier.

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3. Gibraltar


It has thrown down the dome shield that can block the attacks for 12 seconds. It has the ability to heal items are 15% faster within the dome.

It can target down all the sights can deploy the gun shield that can block incoming fire.

It also can revoke in the concentrated mortar to strike on the marked position.


In this, Gibraltar is a large character. The ability of Gun Shield provides him with an energetic shield along with 75 health covering with his upper body while he is targeting down the sights and the crouch to cover the vulnerable little knees, and it can be tough to take down. He also can have the Fortified passive, meaning he takes 15% less damage, which can translate to tank such extra shot in the 1v1 scenario where you can otherwise be evenly matched; this gives you the ultimate edge. It belongs to the best tier.

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2. Wraith


It has the ability to reposition very quickly along with the safety of void space by avoiding all damage.

It will give a sound to warn you while danger approaches.

It has linked up with the two locations with portals for 60 seconds, permitting your whole team to use them.


Wraith is one of the most famous characters in Apex Legends, not just for her cool-looking eyes. Their mobility skills are seriously very useful. She has a tiny hitbox and is trying to compensate for this. Respawn provides her with the low profile rebuff, increasing the damage she takes by 5%. The toolkit of Wraith is definitely useful for aggressive plays while also providing a safe way out if she needs to disengage. We will suggest her to relative beginners, for even as you’re learning, her toolkit contains multiple escape methods while you find yourself at a disadvantage. It belongs to the best tier.

Apex Legends Seer abilities and character guide | PCGamesN

1. Seer


While there is a matter come to face enemies and ranges within 75m, Seer can hear and feel the heartbeats of his enemies.

It has the ability to send micro-drones directly before him for marking the location, health, and shields of any nearby opponents. These powers can cause ten damage and stop enemies from restoring, reviving, and breaks all abilities.

It has the ability to throw out the projection of hundreds of micro-drones that provide him and his party the power to see enemies running within his dome.


In this game, Seer is one of the most powerful characters in the game right now for his compelling skills. It can stop opponents from using their abilities, restoring items, or healing teammates by hitting them tactically. His passive ability provides him with a concept from where players are hiding, and it also can even pick up on whether an enemy has been damaged by how fast their heartbeat is. The strongest power reveals the enemies’ locations to his entire party, providing all teammates with the equivalent of wallhacks. It belongs to the best tier.

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