Factors behind the exceptional performance of Vinicius for Real Madrid

People who know Vinicius Jr. will certainly be aware of how big a Real Madrid fan he is. He had been raised in the shadows of the stadium of the La Liga giants. At present, he is enjoying his dream come true moment by playing for the Spanish capital. He has established himself as an A-team player of the club.

The 21-year-old has never considered leaving Real Madrid as he feels 100 percent Madridista. This has not even happened in his darkest days at the club. The Italian football manager, who is the current manager of Real Madrid, gave him huge confidence that Vinicius even needed before coming to the city. Ancelotti also stated before that the young blood is a star who will perform more efficiently this season.

Vinicius journey in this season

Before delivering some excellent performances, Vinicius started by sitting on the bench. However, he was calm and knew that his coach would give him the opportunity at the right time. At present after the match, he has set his position in the top 11.

Overall Vinicius has struggled a lot to come to this position. He changed his daily diet, along with his resting habits. He has a different nighttime routine and also hires a personal cook for maintaining his diet. Vinicius came through various mockery and criticisms to achieve this position that he is in now.

Trust from Florentino Perez

The president of Real Madrid, Florentino Perez greatly trusted Vinicius and believed that he will shine for the club soon. Perez is also aware of the fact that he has to sit with the player soon, he continues to play in this form for a long. However, Perez wants the welfare of Real Madrid and money isn’t a big deal when it comes to this issue.

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