Ricciardo beats Hamilton and Verstappen at the Italian GP

Daniel Ricciardo became first in the Italian Grand Prix, beating both Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton. He with his car McLaren secured the first position since the year 2012 at Formula one race. The 32-year-old crossed the first flag in Monza followed by Lando Norris behind him. The whole Italian Grand Prix had been very much dramatic as champions like Hamilton and Verstappen took each other out in lap number 26.

The race

At the beginning of the race, Richardo was behind Verstappen. However, he with his McLaren was able to overtake at the opening lap only. The Australian started on a high note, and never looked back since then. Verstappen and Hamilton had a tough fight to for gaining the upper position. In the end, as a consequence of their battle, they collided.

Verstappen’s Red Bull bounced up as he clipped the curb and ultimately it landed on Lewis Hamilton’s Mercedes. With this, Ricciardo along with McLaren fans were wishing that he could emerge victoriously in this race. The fight between the top two, i.e., Ricciardo and Norris was certainly worth watching.

Ricciardo in this regard

With the completion of this race, Ricciardo stated that he didn’t think that anyone thought that he would win the race and to lead the race literally from the start. To get an on-two and not only getting a win, is indeed insane, he added.

Ricciardo winning this race was certainly unexpected by many people, and people were expecting that as always Verstappen or Hamilton will secure the victory here. However, surprising all of them, Ricciardo achieved his first victory in 8 years. This has become a historic moment for the Australian F1 driver, and more interestingly it has also become an achievement to beat Verstappen and legendary Lewis Hamilton in the Grand Prix.

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