Top 10 Unknown Facts about the Apple vs Epic Battle

It is reported that the trial of The Epic vs. Apple has begun over the disagreement based on the sharing revenue of Apple and its impact on Fortnite. Now, this trial has cleared that it will proceed with a lot of strange facts based on the companies and to the surface.

Both of the companies start to release everything from their email chains to the internal reports, and the gamers are looking everywhere for the inner workings of the two companies to come close to their chest. It seems that both sides will reveal more than they intended from the sealed documents that have been unsealed and present to the public just like a part of the trial.

Here is the list of the unknown facts about the Apple vs Epic face-off:

Walmart is reportedly looking into launching its own cloud gaming service -  The Verge

10. Walmart tries to begin a Cloud Gaming Service

The lawsuit among Epic/Apple was expected to contain several secrets from both of the companies, it is assuming that the leaks will not be limited to the two parties. The co-founder of the Epic Games Mark rein has confirmed from 2019’s mail that Walmart is currently providing their effort on a cloud gaming service named Project Storm. He told that he has tried the service and also was impressed by that, it is still unknown Walmart I still working on it or not.

PlayStation accounts for almost half of Fortnite revenue | Shacknews

9. Responsibility of PS4 for making more Fortnite Revenue

After Fortnite become popular along with the available platform, the internal reports of Epic have confirmed the PS4 as the most popular platform for Fortnite from the perspective of revenue. It has confirmed 46.8% of Fortnite revenue from PS4 accounts in comparison with 27.5% with Xbox, 9.6% on PC, and only 7% on iOS devices that may reveal the reason behind the insistent of Sony to get their full cut.

Sony charges for crossplay support to protect PSN revenue, documents show |  PC Gamer

8. Charges of PlayStation on Epic for Cross-Platform Gaming

It is reported that the team of PlayStation always shows hesitation for active the cross-play on the platforms of PlayStation, but they also had seemingly torn down the wall in 2018 after they launch the cross-play option for several developers and gamers. In this Epic has revealed their documents against the Fortnite studio to pay extra royalties to the PlayStation team and revealed that cross-play is costing them a certain amount of value or playtime.

Epic pushed Xbox chief to open free multiplayer just ahead of Apple  Fortnite battle - The Verge

7. Epic on Xbox for enabling Free Multiplayer before the trial

The team of Xbox has recently declared that one will no longer need an Xbox Live Gold subscription for playing select free-to-play games. It is definitely good news for the Xbox gamers.  According to some this move should take a while ago and Epic is now trying to push the Xbox team for taking a similar move before starting the Epic/Apple trial. After the wording requests have been suggested that they are hoping to take such a decision that would make Apple bad by revealing the easiness to play Fortnite on consoles than the smartphone devices.

6.PS5 may not be purchased by Tim Sweeney

After asking about the next generation consoles to come from the early days belong to this trial has revealed about Tim Sweeney is not interested to bring PS5 at home. Sweeney had told that he has a PS5 at the office but it is still unknown whether it’s their personal model or just a normal work unit. One thing that is very funny is that the CEO of Epic struggling to find a PS5 for personal use.

Fortnite is launching on Android this summer — Quartz

5. Epic’s Stunning Fraud Figures on Ubisoft

The secure system of Epic was updated in 2019 with the long term overdue verification options but the security update was inevitable, which indicates their release at that time might be prompted partially by the fact having some games of the Epic Store that were suffering from the significant number of fraudulent transactions. Division 2 was hit hard by the fraudulent transactions. At such a point it seems that 70% of Division 2 sold to the Epic Game Store that had been made with the stolen credit cards and also other compromised information. Tim Sweeney send an email about the fraud prompted to the Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot in which he said the fault in this situation is completely from Epic.

Tim Cook and other Apple executives will testify against Epic in Fortnite  trial |

4. The face-off between Tim Cook and Tim Sweeney

In 2015, the CEO of Epic Games Tim Sweeney has sent an email to the Apple CEO Tim Cook in which he was asked for considering separating the iOS App store curation from the review compliance and also the distribution of the app. It is just a prelude to the issues that led them to go to the curt. The biggest takeaway was the forwarding of the email internally with the question that Cook is like don’t know him and disrespect him. It was happened before releasing Fortnite.

Epic Games Store Will Block Your Account For Buying Too Fast And Too Much,  The Reason Unfolded

3. The game store of Epic is not more Profitable

It is very sudden that the Epic Games store become disrupted the scenario of PC gaming, but all the documents and emails indicating that it is not yet that much profitable until 2024. The most surprising fact is the amount of money that Epic has spent on the Epic Store. Last year, they have spent $444 million on the deal just alone… The gamers have spent $700 million on Epic Store in 2020. They got $265 million come from third-party games.

Fortnite made over $9 billion in its first two years | Rock Paper Shotgun

2. Fortnite’s $9 Billion within Two Years

This game has made over $9 billion after its beginning from 2018 to the end of 2019. It is definitely an incredible number from the perspective and it appears that Epic Games created $108 million from the other games at that exact time. We can say that the Epic game is pretty much Fortnite from the perspective of revenue.

Escape From New York Snake Plissken Statue

1. The arrival of The Rock. Samus Aran, Snake Plissken, and more in to the Fotnite

The leaked documents are revealed many unknown facts that show the confirmation about the intention of Epic not to stop adding bizarre crossover characters to Fortnite. The documents also reveal that the following characters and celebrities may visit Fortnite at some point.

We can see Samus Aran, Naruto Uzumaki, Lebron James, Dwayne Johnson, Katniss Everdeen, The Bride, John McClane, Snake Plissken, Lady Gaga, and Ariana Grande. All of the characters will be added to the game as skins. It is also reported that the Lebron  James crossover also may tie with the special Fornite basketball mode, it is assuming that Lady Gaga and Ariana Grande will perform in-game concerts or join in a similar promotion.

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