“Shang-Chi and the Legends of the Ten Rings”: Everything We Know So far about the Post Credit Scenes of the film

    Marvel has introduced its new hero. It has revealed the new look of the martial arts master of Simu Liu. It is the first Asian superhero based Marvel superhero movie, previously in the trailer, we have seen, he is looking like a typical twenties living in San Francisco, and he is working as a valet by fay and playing karaoke with his friends by night. Before leaving “Hotel California”, Marvel’s  Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings has ended with leaving plenty of questions for the future of the MCU.

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    In this the biggest mystery has created in the film’s first end credits sequence, that has depicted cameos from the pair of such familiar faces and it also has a narrative set up either for the potential sequel or the narrative set up for the potential sequel or the upcoming team-up project.

    Now we will be going to explain the post-credit scenes of this film. It reveals such an incredible smooth styling of Anderson with Paak’s latest song. The story depicts the reason behind the need of Shang-Chi and Kate for the Wong and will continue the ending of the film while Shang-Chi and Kate will follow Wong into the portal some actions have been picked up by Wong by studying the rings and noting such powerful substances are nothing like any of the artefacts that have been recorded in the codex.

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    Wong is a master of the Mystic Arts and also one of the expert people of the planet on supernatural artefacts, Wong focuses a closer look to the Ten Rings, which had been used by Wenwu for amassing power since the last thousand years or so.

    In this, the obligatory credits cameos will get from Brle Larson and Mark Ruffalo as Captain Marvel and also Bruce Banner. It mainly got some input from such two special guests Captain Marvel and Bruce Banner, and if it is the injury that has sustained after wearing the Power Gauntlet in the endgame, then they can be the two of the biggest brains in the Avengers, but both of them will be baffled by the rings and they also can mystical metal hoops which are thousand years of older beyond the realization of anyone.

    Shang-Chi and The Legend of The Ten Rings': How Wong Sets up a Bigger  Universe for the Heroes in End Credits | Marvel

    Wong has extended a conclusion about the age of the ring. According to Wong, the Rings are much older than a single millennium. There is no other hero who can come to an appropriate conclusion on their other true origin, in this, we will say you one thing which is certain that the Rings are just like a sort of organic beacon, calling out to someone, or maybe something.

    As pretty scary stuff that has been considered as some of the brightest and most well-travelled characters in the MCU that cannot set to head or tails based on the weapons which have to hold such dangerous power that can be equal with the powerful Infinity Stones.

    The writer and director, Destin Daniel Cretton has said that they definitely are dropping a question that will indicate the direction that creates sense about the events happening in the MCU and also another direction that would definitely be very exciting for the future exploration.

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    While he was asked about that someone or something’s that the Rings are signalling for, the questions remained unanswered that are equally very exciting. He just tells might be to the creative that is making the film likely to the fans. They are also going through the same things as the fans. According to him, the funniest work is to go through all the potential of what-ifs and what it could be for the studio of Marvel.

    Now we will focus on the clues provided in the opening narration of Shang-Chi that also does not reveal any clear answer about the origin of the Rings. Some legends say it was whispering along the centuries, Wenwu just has pulled out from the crater, or maybe he got them in the tomb.

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    The theory of the craters jives with the source material from the comic book, it was the place from where the Mandarin has got the Ten Rings and also the actual finger that also binges with granting an array of such different powers for the wearer. It is revealed, in the ancient debris of the crashed spaceship that just belongs to the native of Kakaranathara or Maklu IV. The origin story of the rings is about containing the souls of alien warriors from the Maklu plane, which is known as the home of dragon-like creatures including the famous comic character Fin Fang Foom. In this film, our hero will understand that Shang-Chi’s use of the ring has given some sort of signal. It is known as the strongest and also the most enduring Marvel baddies that have been concocted based on the duo of Stan Lee and Jack Kirby in this early 1960s.

    Shang-Chi Will Not Feature The Menacing Dragon Fin Fang Foom Confirms Simu  Liu - The Illuminerdi

    In this the Kakaranatharans had involved in such a peaceful race, but also just like the Thanos, Fin Fang Foom that was an outlier, it has a bad seed that has been decided to won other worlds as he could. The most interesting fact is the name him has been translated into he whose limbs have shattered mountains and also the back scrapes of the sun. It is definitely a quite forbidding title if Marvel Studios planning to create this belligerent dragon from the stars the villain on the Shang-Chi 2 or the upcoming title of Avengers.

    It will also have a credit scene based on Xialing that has been played by Meng’er Zhang, who becomes the centre of the story. We can rejoin her from putting away things like childish as she has taken down the cover of the poster of her childhood bedroom She is now going to close her father’s terrorist affairs but takes its throne and ushers come to the new era for the organization of Ten Rings. He is definitely a new army in the martial arts trainees.

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    It is assuming after knowing about Kang and the wider multiverse to lead into the MCU into its coming huge Infinity war or Endgame Confrontation, we had expected that Fin Fang Foom will be seen in the sequel of Shang-Chi mainly from The Legend of the Ten Rings that has mainly created the concept of inter-dimensional dragons in the role of both the protectors and also the conquerors. It also can further introduce Iron Fist, K’un-L’un, and Shou-Lao. Ying Nan has already shown a passing reference about how ta Lo is become the only small corner with the other dimension.

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    MCU is popular for remixing and reimagining such classic characters and also the origin stories in an unexpected manner. It is expected that Fin Fang Foom might be seen to end the work. We will like to inform you that Kakaranatharans are not just to access the god-like technologies as they are shaping natural shifters that indicate it becomes a good factor for the Secret Invasion series set to come on Disney+. This film was concluded with the caption as The Ten Rings will come back.

    Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings are reigning in the theatres now. If you still have not watched then hurry up and watch the film in the theatre.

    Here is the clip:

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