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Here is the List of all the Games announced at PlayStation Showcase

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On 9th September, PlayStation Showcase had been streamed and it would be the largest gaming event Sony to put on in the year. It will take the place of E3, the series has given us a close look for the upcoming games from the fan-favorite series, here will be a surprising remake for the classic RPG, ad more the gameplay on the up[coming bPS5 titles. Insomniac Games are always continuing their hard work to provide fun to the PC players.

Here are the games that were shown during PlayStation Showcase 2021:

First look at God of War Ragnarök – PlayStation.Blog

10. God of War: Ragnarok

Since the last generation, it is the most acclaimed game. It was featured with the latest in-engine footage at the time of presentation. In this Atreus and Kratos are arguing over the time for the boy for looking for the answers that have been surrounded the pesky Loki himself, and we will going to focus a close look at the ice-sledding like the returning of the boat from the last game. In this, we will see the appearance of Thor and also his famous Mjolnir hammer.

Marvel's Spider-Man 2 Announced During PlayStation Showcase
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9. Marvel’s Spider-Man 2

This insomniac game also has kept itself every busy as another latest Spider-man game. In this, we will see Miles and Peter will fight with baddies together before appearing Venom from the shadows, and his fangs visible roughly. It is not going to come for the PS5 until 2023. This game is specifically made for the PS5.

Gran Turismo 7 revealed at the PlayStation Showcase - CNET

8. Gran Turismo 7

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This franchise has also been on the ice for the while, and that has set to come to PS5 with the Gran Turismo 7. It just looks stunning, it is also going to feature some open-minded elements which are very similar to the Forza Horizon games. On a big map, we can see icons with various activities on the track races looking to play big roles in the game. It will be available for all the regions.

Insomniac Games Reveals New Marvel Wolverine Game During PlayStation  Showcase 2021 - Game Informer

7. Marvel: Wolverine

This insomniac game is not done for the Marvel games and it has extended beyond Spider-Man. It has dropped a short tease, it will definitely come to the PS5. It does not reveal any gameplay nor can we get any of the indication to release window or release the year. The track record is certainly very strong.

Uncharted 5: PlayStation Showcase 2021, Reveal, New Trailer, Studio,  Release date, Platforms and more!
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6. Uncharted

Recently both Uncharted 4: A Thief End and Uncharted: The Lost Legacy has been remastered only not for the PSD5. It will also be available for PC, it will look nice for the PS4, it is quite sure that to get about an extra dose of the visual oomph to get more powerful hardware. In this the min Uncharted series will not release on non-PlayStation on the platforms before, there are also several big names like Horizon Zero Dawn and also Days Gone.

Bethesda Reveals New Ghostwire Tokyo Trailer at PlayStation Showcase |  Ghostwire: Tokyo

5.GhostWire: Tokyo

The Tango and Bethesda game works provide dome new clips include at the creepy Slenderman just like the enemy and a masked, mysterious target based on the “critical work” and “truth” that will be faced off the city. It is an action-packed first-person battle against such different demonic monsters.

Grand Theft Auto V and GTA Online PS5 Delayed to March 2022

4. Grand Theft Auto V

It has been shown off for the PS5 with the increased gameplay that should be quicker than the previous versions of this game. This game will be free for a limited time to the PS Plus subscribers with the arrival in March. It is one of the most popular games on PS5.

Alan Wake Remastered is coming to all platforms this fall - Game Freaks 365

3. Alan Wake Remastered

It is an incredible and favourite third-person adventure series of Alan Wake is return, it has been published by Epic Games. There is also a pre-rendered trailer for the debut to the PlayStation that has shown during the PlayStation showcase with the gameplay that has depicted some sort of impressive visual improvements in comparison to the Xbox 360 original. It will be available on PS$ and PS5 on 5th October.

Square Enix's 'Forspoken' will hit PS5 and PC in spring 2022 | Engadget

2. Forspoken

It is the upcoming incredible action-adventure game from Luminous Production and Square Enix. The trailer starts with emotional character-driven scenes and something that out of the Life is Strange before transitioning to the fantasy world along with the magical portal. It has vast plains with giants and also has some spiky structures to shot to the ground that is also visible in the distance. This gaming world contains dangerous enemies include fire-breathing dragons and one can be able for soaring within the air. And can control the objects in your mind.

A new look at the stylish action of Project Eve – PlayStation.Blog

1. Project Eve

It is mainly a previously declared game looking like Nier who had a bay with Bloodborne and Devil May Cry. It has shown at the time of the showcase with also the Japanese language that revealed the trailer off with some flashy battle from the main character Eve with the floating drone-like companion. In this, while the mechanic dodging attacks will resemble the Bayonetta games and it is just looking fairly disturbing.

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