Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Twitter reactions as Barcelona release new third kit, which will be exclusively worn in the Champions League 2021-22 season

FC Barcelona have now released their new third kit for the 2021-22 season. This third kit is inspired by Barcelona’s young talents. This new kit will be exclusively worn in the Champions League.

Barcelona wrote on their official website: “FC Barcelona has launched its third strip for the 2021/22 season, the result of an artistic process involving young talents from Barcelona which offers a creative reinterpretation of the traditional blaugrana stripes. It stresses the close link between the Club and the city by incorporating a representation of its neighbourhoods in its design, as reimagined by these talented young artists. In addition to this innovative design, this strip is also special in that it will be exclusively worn by the men’s and women’s teams in Champions League matches.”

The Barcelona men’s team will wear the new kit for the first time at the Camp Nou on Tuesday, 14th September during their opening match in the Champions League group stage against Bayern Munich.

According to Barcelona, the kit is produced using 100% polyester recycled from plastic bottles that are melted to obtain a very fine thread, thus generating a fabric that not only optimizes sporting performance but also has a much smaller carbon footprint.

Barcelona further added: “One of the most unusual elements of this strip is that although it keeps the traditional vertical blue and red stripes, they appear in neon tones and incorporate different background designs that reflect five Barcelona neighbourhoods: Poble-sec, Poble Nou, Gràcia, Raval and Les Corts. The most iconic architectural and cultural landmarks of each of these districts are depicted in reinterpreted silhouettes by young local talents. Each stripe also pays homage to the scarves worn by fans on a match day. The kit is completed by shorts in the same blue color as the shirt bearing a dark blue stripe on the sides with the words ‘El nostre Barça’ (Our Barça). The message also appears on the socks.”

Let’s check out some of the Twitter reactions on Barcelona’s new third kit for the Champions League:

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