The real story behind the bandaged hand of Benzema

There has been a lot of speculation on bandaged hand Karim Benzema. Some of the football things are of the view that Benzema’s this gesture is due to his superstition. However, the real reason has come to light that the French footballer straps up his right hand, and does it before every game which he plays.  This is due to the injury he faced by playing against the Real Betis in January 2019. It has not been fixed yet.

The Injury

The injury concerned here took place between Benzema with a fractured finger and the Real Betis defender, Marc Bartra. During the post-injury period, if he goes through surgery, he would be out of football, for a minimum of 2 months. The Frenchman opted to wait for the season to end instead of leaving Real Madrid without their staring striker. With the end of the season he will go through the operation he said.

The surgery was executed successfully, and the 33-year-old striker rushed out without being rehabilitated for the start of his upcoming season at that time. However, with the return of Benzema, he experienced another massive blow, and from then he wore a bandage. He continued this ever since then, as he was not able to give enough time to heal it up.

The class of Benzema

The class of Benzema is certainly regarded to be at the next level. The star play of Real Madrid has never let his injury being an obstacle to perform him for his club or nation. And also, despite that injury, he has been in fine form. Since his injury, during 2018/19, in three consecutive seasons, he scored 30, 27, and 24 goals respectively.

Will Benzema operate his hand?

Benzema experienced plenty of success even with an injury in hand, and it doesn’t seem like he is in a hurry to get his hand operated. However, it is now clear that this is not a clear superstition, but we have to wait and see when he gets his hand fully cured.

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