Here is the list of Top 5 Laptop Makers in India

The notebook shipments in India have crossed over 2.5 million in Q1 2021. The shipments of the PC, including tablets in India, have grown over 72% year on year in this Q1 202`1 and reach 4.0 million units with the supply of 517,000 desktops, 2.5 million notebooks, 930,000 tablets, and 43,000 workstations.

In Q1 2021, all the categories have grown well due to the poor Q1 2020, while the pandemic restrictions hit all the supplies in China. The driver of this rapid growth is Notebooks that grew up with 119% over Q1 2020. It is true that tablets also had the biggest quarter since 2016, having 52% of the year-on-year growth. The desktop shipments fell 6% on the 517,000 units for the fall of the popularity on the form factor.

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5. Apple

This company now has made its place in the top five list that knocking out Acer. It has been beneficial for the vendors to have a strong notebook and portfolio tablet-based mainly on the consumer. The growth of the shipments has been two folded to 108 thousand units having its tablets and notebooks that have been recorded at their best quarter in the entire country and also available to the online store.

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4. Samsung

It takes fourth place for its huge business of tablets. This company is known as one of the strong tablet vendors for categorizing large orders, mainly in this pandemic situation. The tablet business of Samsung has been bolstered after the government’s spending for the acceleration in public schools and Institutions.

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3. Dell

It takes third place. This company is mainly popular for its desktop business. The growth of Dell may be the slowest among those five companies, but it is steady. The reason behind this is the lack of focus on the glaring of the consumers. The popularity of the enterprise and the commercial end-users has helped to maintain the volumes of the shipment. Among the top three vendors, Dell has many devices with the latest generations of Intel chipsets that can help the company grow rapidly.

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2. Lenovo

It takes second place. This company is growing 63% year by year in Q1 2021, and it is much slower than the entire market.  This company tries to avoid taking tender of the government primarily for concerns of the blast from it for the geopolitical tensions between India and China. Recently, the company has focused on ramping up with its “Make in India” initiatives across the tablets.

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1. HP

It takes the first place with a huge amount of shipments of 102% year over year in Q1 2021. It has eased that India has been secured with better supplies, mainly for the notebooks, where the entire shipments will grow 121%.

Canalys Research Analysts Ashweej Aithal has been confirmed that measuring the actual demand In India is extremely difficult. As the second wave of COVID-19 is seriously very ruthless and claimed many lives and livelihoods than the first wave, and all the economic activity of India has ceased. In the business of PC, the entire channel becomes paralyzed. After some healthy demands from the consumers and business, fulfilling the orders becomes a primary issue. Channel partners become unable to online sales that slip over the huge portion of the business during the pandemic situation. OEMs trying for the fast-moving markets like the US and Western Europe have diverted a huge amount of their inventory to the market that has aggravated the entire situation. India has to suffer supply issues.

India's notebook shipments

New vendors like Nokia have entered to maintain the surging demand. These types of companies are planning to launch their latest notebook models for the recognition of their brands. In this, we will like to inform you that the markets have seen a huge rise in the gaming PC. The shipments of all the gaming machines have grown almost 65% year on year due to the pandemic situation as it has opened a new form of entertainment for the people.

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