Top 10 Richest Actors in the world in 2021

It is true that actors are known for making their fortune out of their jobs. The glam and glitz are definitely the factors that can attract the eye of the public. You have ever thought about the worth of your favorite actors? And also about their extravagant lifestyles to add to the fact that they can acquire enough to afford all the things. When one celebrity gets popularity globally for his movies then definitely they are one of the most paid ones.

Here is the list of the top 10 richest actors across the globe in 2021:

Sylvester Stallone to narrate 'emotional' documentary about the  Oscar-winning 'Rocky' film -

12. Sylvester Stallone

Net Worth: $400 Million

He is also an American actor. He was made two of the blockbuster film for all time that has made $4 billion. He is one of the highest-paid actors of Bollywood. He is known for the film Rocky and Rambo.

Is This the Most Incredible Jack Nicholson Dating Story of All Time? |  Vanity Fair

11. Jack Nicholson

Net Worth: $400 Million

He is mainly an American producer, writer, and also actor from New York City. He is known for his films like The Cry baby Killer, The Raven, and The Shining. In this time he has been joined with some of best actors of all time.

Amitabh Bachchan to pay Rs 5.5 crore off loans of over 850 UP farmers | The  Daily Chakra

10. Amitabh Bachchan

Net Worth: $400 Million

In the Indian film Industry, he is one of the biggest names in Bollywood. He is the BIG B. He is still one of the best actors in the Bollywood industry.

Adam Sandler playing basketball goes viral: 'Sandman needs help!' | Toronto  Sun

9. Adam Sandler

Net Worth:  $420 Million

He is an American actor and also a film producer who has been sometimes referred to be one of the big earners in Hollywood. He became popular after his one film has brought in $271 million at the box office. It was his highest-grossing film.

Mel Gibson's Career Has Survived Controversy After Controversy, But How? -  Variety

8. Mel Gibson

Net Worth: $425 Million

He is a popular film director, producer, and also actor from New York. He is popular for his directing and performances in films like ‘The passion of the Christ’,’ We Were Soldiers’, and ‘Braveheart’ for which he got Academy Award and Golden Globe in 1995.

Robert De Niro Movies: 27 Greatest Films Ranked Worst to Best - GoldDerby

7. Robert De Niro

Net Worth: $500 Million

Robert De Niro is one of the most loving actors for many. Recently, he has featured in movies like ‘Meet the Fockers’, ‘Meet the Parents, ‘The Intern’, and ‘Dirty Grandpa’. He is also remembered for his performance in ‘Goodfellas’, ‘The Godfather Part II’, ‘Analyze That’, ‘Casino’, and ‘, ‘Heat’.

George Clooney | Biography, TV Shows, Movies, & Facts | Britannica

6. George Clooney

Net Worth:$500 Million

He is an American director and also actor from Kentucky. He also won many awards for his brilliant performances in ‘Ocean’s Eleven’, ‘Three Kings’, and ‘Syriana’. This man also got succeed in many regions. In his entire career, he has got many awards for his films.

Coronavirus Crisis Escalates, Shuts Down 'Mission Impossible' Filming |

5. Tom Cruise

Net Worth: $600 Million

Everyone knows this man. He is an American producer and movie actor in New York. He is one of the popular actors of all time. In the world, his films have sold in millions. He is also known for his acting skills and bike stunts.

Dilwale' first stills: Shah Rukh Khan and Kajol's crackling chemistry still  lights up the screen

4. Shah Rukh Khan

Net Worth:$690 Million

He is an Indian actor in New Delhi. He is known as “King Khan”, the king of romance, and the baadshah of Bollywood. He has done 80 films in his entire career. He got huge awards for her incredible performances. He is also one of the richest actors in the world in 2021.

Happy Birthday Jerry Seinfeld: Looking back at his incredible journey |  NewsBytes

3. Jerry Seinfield

Net Worth: $950 Million

He is a popular American actor, writer, and also producer. He is known for co-creating the American sitcom ‘Seinfeld with Larry David and at the ending of the show, he was started to earn $1 million per episode.

Oh, Tyler Perry.. All cards on the table, I admire Tyler… | by Jason Pure |  Medium

2. Tyler Perry

Net Worth: $1 Billion

He is an Afro-American writer, producer, and actor. He is known for playing his role in ’Madea’ as an elderly woman. The greatest creations of are ‘Daddy’s Little Girl’, ‘Why Did I Get Married?’, and ‘Diary of a Black Woman’. He also has amazed the entire world with his skill of screenwriting and also as most paid actors in America.

How Jami Gertz Became a Hollywood NBA Owner – The Hollywood Reporter

1. Jami Gertz

Net Worth: 3 Billion

He is a popular American actress and also an investor. She is known for her early roles in the movies like Twister, Crossroads, Less Than Zero, and The Lost Boys. It is true that she might not achieve success like the other actors on the list, she is a part-owner of the NBA team, Atlanta Hawks also with her husband Tony Ressler.

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