Max Verstappen dominates the F1 Dutch Grand Prix

    Max Verstappen once again emerged victoriously at the F1, in the Dutch Grand Prix, on Sunday. The 23-year old has proved many times and once more that why he has acquired the position among the all-time greats at such a young age. Verstappen dominated from the pole position and took the chequered flag 20.932 seconds ahead of Lewis Hamilton’s Mercedes, who is a seven-time world champion.

    Formula 1 legend, Lewis Hamilton, along with Valtteri Bottas finished 2md and 3rd respectively. Hamilton at such a young age, is such a classy driver, that he not only finished the race being at the first position but also acquired bonus points, along with Hamilton too.

    Lewis Hamilton secured bonus points at first for the fastest lap. However, Max Verstappen overturned the three points deficit and cleared three points, Hamilton. Verstappen got 224.5 points to Briston’s 221.5.

    The race

    From the beginning only, Lewis Hamilton started second, behind Max Verstappen. Hamilton followed the pole-sitter Max Verstappen into turn 1, to 2, which continued until lap 20. Hamilton blinked at first and then he went for a new set of tires, which was of medium size. Also, Verstappen covered him with a stop of his, which was a lap later.

    Hamilton after the race

    Hamilton admitted that it was a good as well as a tough fight for him overall. He stated that they had a sniff of an undercut during the race however he also admitted that the timing was not perfect. He stated that when they have the quickest car on the track, whatever a driver tries or strategizes, becomes difficult indeed. In the  end, he also praised Max Verstappen for his victory and gave credit to Red Bull, saying that these two were certainly didn’t had any fault.

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