Here is the List of Biggest Companies in Silicon Valley

While all people are thinking about the largest companies situated in Silicon Valley, computer and also some digital giants like Apple, Alphabet, and Facebook which will come first in our mind. You will be surprised about such public companies in the Silicon Valley that have extended above the technology sector mainly and if you extend such traditional borders of the Silicon Valley that is a bit north and northeast will contain Contra Costa County and also the town of San Francisco itself.

As a non-tech company, you can watch Wells Fargo & Co., Visa, and Chevron Corporation. These are also some multinational majors firms that all have situated their headquarters in Silicon Valley.

Here is the list of big six companies in Silicon Valley:

Chevron: Navin Mahajan is Chevron's new Vice President and Treasurer,  Energy News, ET EnergyWorld

6. Chevron

This is a company based on a bit of an outliner in the group have figuratively. It is the energy of the company and the headquarters are situated in San Ramon in Contra Costa Country, This company currently has a market capital of $190.1 billion and a recent P/E ratio of 17.8. In the 19th century, this company had cooperated with the roots that have reached in 1906. This company at first was a small oil refinery that becomes the upstream and downstream segments. In the upstream segments it has dealt with crude oil and natural gas and in the downstream dealt with crude oil into petroleum products.

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5. Visa

This company is mainly famous for its ubiquitous credit cards, Visa is also a financial services company that has based in Silicon Valley. The headquarters are situated in the San Francisco Bay Area. The current capital of the market is $529 billion and the P/E ratio is 51.3. It has mainly supplied banks, financial institutions, and credit unions with products.

Wells Fargo & Company Announces Common Stock Dividend | Business Wire

4. Wells Fargo

We can say that this company just has broken the Silicon Valley mould in a couple of ways. One thing is it had not made around the turn of the 21st Century or even the 20th Century. The headquarter is situated in San Francisco, Wells Fargo was established in 1852, and after the series of mergers with regional banks on both sides of coasts that has grown to be the third-largest bank in the US in terms of properties.

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3. Facebook

This time Facebook is one of the most popular applications which have millions and millions of users. It was established in 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg along with his talented classmate of Harvard University in early 2004. This is mainly a social media platform to communicate with more than 2 billion daily users and a market value of $757 Billion shows the popularity of Facebook.

At first, it was launched in 2004 as a social networking website and after that, it starts to allow any person above the age of 3 to make a social profile.

Alphabet Inc. - Wikipedia

2. Alphabet

This company was founded by Jack Ma and his 17 friends founded, this time Alibaba Group has become one of the largest names in the retailers and e-commerce Companies in 2020 and the 5th largest AI Company as well. It also has provided business-consumer and business services along with web portals, electronic payment services. It also provides a search system for customers and cloud computing. The current capital of the market is $1.73 trillion and the P/E ratio is 33.8.

It just has reached another level and also the services along with multiple screens and also several devices like browsers chrome to phones like Android to the G Suite of cloud-based word processing applications.

Apple Signals Coronavirus's Threat to Global Businesses - The New York Times

1. Apple

It is one of the topmost companies with uniqueness and along with all the places like a traffic signal, railway station, market places, daily numerous people buy Steve Jobs book and read it as well, Steve Jobs is undoubtedly a famous charismatic pioneer in the era of the personal computer. He has founded Apple who is recently the most successful brand and one step forward in technology. It is mainly a multinational technology company to develop and sell an electronic product. The current capital of the market is $2.5 trillion and the P/E ratio is 32.9. This company is mainly a manufacturing company of the products like iPhone, Ipad, and Mac computers and also with several operating system software and application software to chase them. This company currently entered to the financial services.

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