Sunday, October 24, 2021

Rohit Chamoli brings the first-ever gold medal to India at the Asian Junior Boxing Championships

History has been created, as Rohit Chamoli of India has secured the first gold medal for his nation, which happened never before at the Asian Junior Boxing Championship. The young blood of India, defeated Otgonbayar Tuvshinzaya in Dubai on Sunday, to achieve this honor.

Rohit Chamoli creating history

Rohit Chamoli of Chandigarh performed in the boy’s 48 kg final showed his magnificent class in this prestigious continental event and took himself as well as his nation to a great stage of honor. At first, Rohit started being cautious. But gradually he gave some intense punches, helping him on gaining an edge against his opponent. The Mongolian also gave a very tough fight to Rohit, as the match ended with a score of 3-2.

India presenting their terrific performance at the championship

Apart from Rohit Chamoli, India has been terrific at the Asian Junior Boxing Championship so far. They have already achieved 6 bronze medals, irrespective of boys and girls. From the boys’ category, Anshul, Ashish, and Ankush did it in 57kg, 54kg, and 66kg weight categories respectively. From the girls’ category, Aarzoo, Devika Ghorpade, and Supriya Rawat did the same in the semi-finals in their respective categories of 54 kg, 50 kg, and 66 kg.

Rohit, experiencing a moment of joy

It is certainly a dream come true moment for Rohit Chamoli, by achieving such a legendary honor. There is nothing more wonderful than to represent your country, and making your country proud in these stages. The young blood will inspire many of his younger generations, and he is expected to shine brightly and create more memorable deeds as well, in the future. A total of 15 Indians, are fighting for the gold medal on Monday. It is to be seen if any other achieve the victory of gold or not.

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