English Premier League marks both Ronaldo and Cavani as Man United’s No 7!

Edinson Cavani and Cristiano Ronaldo both have been listed as no. 7 of the Red Devils, i.e., Man United, by the Premier League. Cristiano Ronaldo is all set to make his return to Old Trafford. There has been a debate of speculation that on which jersey number will he play. And on the same time, Cavani also secures jersey number 7. In the Bizarre turn of events, Premier League has marked both of these two footballers with the same jersey number.

In the Premier League Handbook

Inside the premier league handbook for the 2021-22 season, in the section of M players, Identification and Strip, it was said like – before the start of every season, each of the clubs should allocate a distinct shirt number for every footballer present there, of its first-team squad. While the member remains with that particular club, a player will retain his specific shirt number all over the season.

Rio Ferdinand regarding this

The Man United legend, Rio Ferdinand indicated that Cavani might return his shirt, once Cristiano Ronaldo returns to the red devils again. Ferdinand with hearing the transfer announcement stated on his FIVE Youtube show that Cavani is a brilliant man. He would get ready to give up his shirt just by seeing who is coming back to the town.

Will Cavani give up his shirt to Ronaldo?

In general, there is no such reason that players have to wear the jersey numbers, as per set by the Premier League. Players can wear different numbers in both domestic and European competitions. This signifies Cavani can give his jersey number to CR7, and the sources suggest that he will. If he gives his jersey, Ronaldo will be seen at the Champions League with the 7th jersey number again.

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