Will Mbappe sign for Spanish club Real Madrid?

The youngster of Paris Saint Germain hasn’t renewed his contract which was offered by the French giants. Kylian Mbappe has only one year left in his current contract. Spanish league club Real Madrid is trying to sign Mbappe and has already offered a sum of 160 million euros to sign Mbappe from PSG.

According to many reports, Paris Saint Germain are willing to let Mbappe leave but aren’t satisfied by Real Madrid’s offer. Mbappe is closer than ever to join the Spanish club Real Madrid.

The 160 million euros offer has been rejected by Paris Saint Germain. According to Le Parisien, Real Madrid will have to pay a whopping 220 million euros if they want to see Mbappe in their dressing room

B/R Football has confirmed that the 22-year-old wants to leave Paris Saint Germain.

So, there is no chance to see Neymar, Mbappe and Messi together playing for the French giants. Paris Saint Germain have signed Wijnaldum, Donnarrumma, Ramos and Messi on free transfers and have only spent money on Hakimi. That means they have five new players.

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Some Real Madrid players have access to Mbappe to talk about joining the Spanish club Real Madrid. Mbappe is a french player so, he played with Benzema at Euro 2020, and a few weeks ago, Ramos also joined Paris Saint Germain. So, the Real Madrid players have access to privileged information as this story develops. So this way they have a chance to talk with Kylian Mbappe to join Real Madrid.

If Kylian Mbappe joins Real Madrid, it will be a great boost for Real Madrid to win the Laliga Santander title and also fight for the UCL trophy. Now, their greatest rival has lost one of their best players Lionel Messi. So it will be more easier for Real Madrid to win the Laliga Santander title and UCL trophy.

Here’s some Twitter reaction posts to Mbappe on the verge of joining Real Madrid:

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