La Liga has a problem with time-wasting and diving between the games

La Liga is having problems with a significant amount of time wasted between the games. There are three and five minutes of action less, which is comparatively lower than the other major European Leagues.

After examining the games, it is seen that only 50 minutes and 57 seconds of action are taking place. This is very less compared to the other leagues, including Serie A with 54:30 minutes, Ligue 1 with 55:41 minutes, Bundesliga with 53:26 minutes, and Premier League with 54:15 minutes.

Manuel Pellegrini regarding this issue

Manuel Pellegrini tried to explain this situation last Friday. He said that at a meeting of referees, it was discussed that La Liga has been the slowest European league, and everything in this league takes time, starting from free kicks, penalties, etc. The Betis coach also said that they will either look onto this and find a solution, or this will go against the spectacle.

Referees have to do things faster smoothly but not in a hurry, in the case of goalkeeper taking goal kicks quickly, throw-ins, and players should also not dive in. They certainly have to take care of the spectacle.

The number of minutes played in La Liga is massively slow, and has even set a historic record. Their lowest figure earlier came on the 2019/20 campaign, which was 51:49. At present, it has dropped to 50:57, at the start of a new campaign.

Who has the main fault in this issue?

All three parties, including players, referees, and coaches are responsible for this issue. Players waste time diving out during the excess of dead balls, referees give extra additional time despite when players are wasting time, and they also stop the game very often. Coaches are also indirectly responsible for this issue as they didn’t train their players correctly, and as a consequence, they waste time on the ground.

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