Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Cricket to be inducted in the 2024 Paris Olympics?

The International Cricket Council (ICC) is open to all the formats of the game and is trying to induct cricket in the 2024 Paris Olympics. The USA Cricket chief, Paraag Marathe said that the shortest format of the game, i.e. T20, is tailor-made for the Olympic Games, the administration will accept any format among the three, assuring the Cricket’s inclusion in the 2028 Los Angeles Olympics.

The ICC is currently focusing on preparing the bid for returning cricket to the Olympics, which last made its appearance in the 1900 Paris games.

Paraag Marathe in this regard

Paraag Marathe has been a part of the ICC Olympic Working group for a long. This organization is cheered by, multiple people, including, the former PepsiCo Inc CEO Indra Nooyi, English Board Chief Ian Watmore, etc.

He said to the Sports Unlocked Podcast that he is hopeful that the induction of cricket in the Olympics is very likely. And also, it is for the first time that 106 member nations of the ICC are supporting this thing.

Based on the sustained popularity of the Indian Premier League, T20 cricket lasts for three hours, which will be a bit better than Test cricket, which lasts for long 5 days. Even Marathe also explained that the T20 format is easily digestible, and works in a short time. It certainly fits the American Sports format which takes 3 hours approximately.

Will Cricket be inducted in the 2024 Paris Olympics?

Not only it is stopped on hope, but it is probably going to take place. Cricket is going to be inducted in the 2024 Paris Olympics, as many members of the ICC are trying their level best. Just a few formalities remain in the path. And then cricket will strike back in the Olympic Games after 124 years.

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