Manchester United have equalized the unbeaten streak of Arsenal at Southampton

The red devils of club football, Manchester United, are on the run to mark their name in the pages of history. They are preparing to make a long trip to Southampton, in the Premier League.

In the last season of Premier League was indifferent to many players as well as staff. This is because the stadiums were empty with no audience, consequently many teams failed to gain their momentum. Hence, home and away fixtures just became a formality, rather than giving advantage to the home teams.

Manchester United on the hunt

The Man United were undefeated since their last season from early 2020; their last defeat came in January 2021 at Anfield. At present, the devils are preparing to go face to face with Southampton. Ole Gunnar Solskjer‘s side stands at a winning streak of 26. This could equal the record of the Premier League record Arsenal, which they set in 2004.

It is expected that not only Manchester equalize Arsenal’s record, but will also maintain it for long, with a prediction that they can take the winning streak to at least 30. All the football fans are eager to see what happens next.

Arsenal’s record of 2004

Arsenal certainly looked invincible in 2004, when they created a long winning streak of 27. Arsene Wenger was even called “The invincibles” as beaten them was indeed a close to impossible thing. They got the victory in consecutive 27 times in their away matches, between 2003 and 2004. Manchester United has the chance to match the same.

It is history in the making. If Man United avoids defeat in their next two games, they will break Arsenal’s record as well as set a new record by themselves. It is to be seen what happens next.

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