Who will win the 2020-21 UEFA Men’s player of the year?

    This has been a matter of speculation for days that who will win the 2021/21 UEFA player of the season. Three players were nominated for this award, namely, Kevin De Bruyne, Jorginho, and N’Golo. However, the question remains that who will finally get this crown. All three of them showed their exceptional brilliance, by playing for both clubs and countries. Let’s have a clear look at the nominees below.

    Kevin De Bruyne

    Kevin De Bruyne is a strong contender for winning the UEFA player of the year award. He had an extraordinary season for Manchester United. The Belgian have marked his performance both for his club as well for his country. Even in the EURO 2020, he played a vital role in their match against Denmark, which helped them to gain a 2-1 victory over their opposition.


    Arguable, Jorginho is the strongest contender among these three to win the battle. The significant reason behind this is, he lifted both the European championship as well as the European Cup in the same year. He became the night player to secure this achievement.

    He also played his role brilliantly as a mid-fielder. His efficiency helped Chelsea to win the Champions League for the second time. And also he did a good job for Italy, who are the champions of EURO 2020.

    N’Golo Kante

    French footballer N.Golo Kante can also be the UEFA player of the year. He had an outstanding season for Chelsea, and got the man of the match award four times on three occasions, against Real Madrid, Atletico Madrid, and Manchester City.

    France on EURO 2020 was not able to show performance up to the mark, but Kante individually did his job by playing efficiently. It is a matter of time, that who among these three wears the victory crown.

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