PNY plans to release its DDR5 memory modules along with the release of Intel’s Alder Lake

    PNY, the American hardware manufacturer has now announced its latest generation of memory modules and its new product is based on the brand new DDR5 standard. The memory standard is itself quite the latest as there are currently no CPUs or Motherboards in the market which currently supports the DDR5 standard.

    But, this is soon going to change with the arrival of Intel’s Alder Lake processors hitting the market by the end of this year, and it will bring support for the first time for DDR5 in the market. However, owing to the current semiconductor shortage in the world, it will be hard to get our hands on the new processors from intel. But once can snatch one of these new processors you can upgrade your gaming PC with PNY’s fast 4800MHz DDR5 memory.

    It will reportedly hold 16GB in its smallest size and compared to the prevalent DDR4 modules, which boasts a minimum frequency of 3200MHz, the new DDR5 memory sticks offer a much higher base clock speed. As well as the new DDR5 modules will be reportedly operating with a very low voltage that is reported to be only 1.1v. the new DDR5 will not only increase energy efficiency but will also increase more potential and headroom for overclocking.

    DDR5 will be much more efficient than the DDR4 memory as the voltage conversion for DDR5 RAM happens directly on the module and not on the motherboard. And PNY is also planning to release gaming memory under its XLR8 gaming brand. This gaming memory module will be reportedly targeted towards enthusiasts. This will also feature fancy heat spreaders, along with RGB illumination and out-of-the-box overclocking. PNY is expected to release its DDR5 memory alongside the CPUs and mainboards which will support the memory in the fourth and final quarter of 2021.


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