Lionel Messi won’t be making his PSG debut this weekend against Brest

Lionel Messi left Barcelona some weeks ago and joined Paris Saint Germain. Lionel Messi didn’t want to leave Barcelona but because of some financial problems of Barcelona, he had to leave Barcelona. Messi wanted to stay in Barcelona that’s why he accepted a 50% pay cut but, the financial problem is in so critical condition that he had to leave Barcelona.

All the fans are waiting to watch Messi play but sadly he is not going to play against Brest this weekend. Before it has been rumoured that Lionel Messi will make his PSG debut against Brest this weekend but this not going to happen.

Messi’s debut could be on 29th August when Paris Saint Germain (PSG) travel to Reims.

Till now Paris Saint Germain has won 2 matches with Troyes and another with Strasbourg. Neymar will also not play against Brest this weekend but Gianluigi Donnarumma will play for the first time.

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