2021 Japanese Grand Prix abandoned due to COVID 19

The Japanese Grand Prix for the year 2021 has been canceled. After a discussion between the government and the race promoters of Formula one, this decision was concluded on Wednesday. The race was organized to take place in Suzuka on October 10, with only just less than 2 months left. The race was to take place between the events in the United States and Turkey.

Complexities emerging due to COVID 19

The Japanese government took this decision for abandoning the 2021 Japanese Grand Prix. Formula 1 stated that the reason behind this is due to the ongoing complexities that have taken place in the country.

At present, Formula 1 has its focus set on working on the revised calendars’ detail, which they will announce soon in the upcoming weeks.

Cancellation of races in the F1 calendar

The decision of abandoning this Japanese Grand Prix also created a dent in the F1 calendar of the races that were to take place in the Asian countries. Also, Australian and Singapore GPS are canceled. And Chinese GP might be postponed soon.

F1 in a Statement

F1 in a statement said that they have proved that especially in 2021 and 2020 that they can adapt and come through a solution to these present uncertainties. The organization also said that they are excited by the level of different locations to organize Formula 1 events in the ongoing year.

The present situation in Tokyo

The Tokyo Olympics that was delayed due to the Covide19 pandemic, was hosted by Japan this year. New cases were tripled during the Olympic tenure of seventeen days that ended on August 8th. However, according to the medical experts, that surge didn’t have any direct connection with the Olympic games. Doctors are trying to recover the city from its present situation, and it is expected things will get better there soon.

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