The tissue used by Messi in his farewell press conference from Barcelona is up for auction

    The Argentine legend as well as Barcelona legend, Lionel Messi left Barcelona earlier in August. The 34-year-old spent most of this football career in Barcelona. It was about 21 years of span, from then when he joined the club in 2000, at the age of 13.

    His contract got over with the club. However, a new deal would be initiated, was hoped by everybody. Though neither of the parties wanted to leave each other, concerning the high wage rate of Messi, and the present financial condition of Barca, his reign at the club got to an end.

    Farewell press conference of Messi

    Barcelona FC announced this news to the whole around, and in few days a farewell press conference for Messi was organized. It was certainly a program with nearly everyone broke into tears, including Lionel Messi. The legend was handed over a tissue that helped him to wipe away his tears, and Messi discarded it later on.

    But, according to the Daily Star and Complete Sports news, the tissue has been taken to auction. Though it sounds like a joke, seriously this is real.

    The worth of the tissue

    As per sources, someone present in the press conference picked it up from the floor. And at present, the tissue is up for sale on the international auction site, Meikeduo. The starting price of this tissue has been set at a massive amount of 1 million dollars.

    Moreover, the seller has described the tissue that it comprises of Messi’s genetic material that can help to clone Messi’s new version. Certainly, the seller justified the tissue’s worth. At present, no one has decided or asked for the tissue, till now. This is interesting to see who buys this invaluable gem thing at a value of one million dollars.

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