Substitution mishap for Wolfsburg: Wolfsburg disqualified from DFB Pokal: Read on to Know What Happened on the field!

A round of on-field drama could be witnessed in the match between Wolfsburg and Munster. Such an unexpected thing it was, which no one ever thought could happen. Owing to a costly mistake in the extra time, Wolfsburg is now out of the tournament!

The DFB Sports Court has dismissed Wolfsburg, the Bundesliga side from the DFB Pokal present season, considering their substitution mishap against Preussen Munster. Therefore, they aren’t a part of the tournament anymore!

Despite leading the first round, an unavoidable mistake from Wolfsburg on the extra time has led to this extremity. They made six substitutions in the game which is against the DFB Pokal terms.

Wolfsburg won the first round match 1-3 on 8th August in their first face-off against Muster. However, in the extra time, the newly recruited head coach Mark Van Bommel brought in the fifth and sixth substitutes Sebastiaan Bornauw and Admir Mehmedi. DFB Pokal rule allows only five substitutes at a time.

The day after, Munster put forward an official appeal and stated that the opponent had influenced the game with the unethical substitution leading to great trouble for the Munster players.

Wolfsburg takes a stand, DFB doesn’t pay heed

Though the matter doesn’t end here. Wolfsburg further took a stand and claimed the coaching staff including the head coach Bommel had frequently queried the fourth official if a sixth substitute could be induced. However, DFB alongside other official sporting authorities seems not to pay heed to their claim. According to them, finding out about the substitute rules and taking steps accordingly, is the duty of the club.

Wolfsburg has 24 hours in hand to appeal to the DFB Federal Court or else Munster will be announced as the winner (2-0) and they will be proceeding towards the next round.

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