Raul Jimenez back to playing football again after a terrible skull fracture

Premier League club Wolverhampton Wanderers’ striker Raul Jimenez suffered a serious injury last season. He fractured his skull and there was even a possibility of him never playing football again,

However, the Mexican has returned to playing football as he played against Leicester on the first matchday of the Premier League. The whole football fraternity was happy seeing him back in action.

Jimenez revealed in an interview with The Guardian: “They told me it was like a miracle to be there.”

“There was the skull fracture, the bone broke and there was a little bit of bleeding inside the brain. It was pushing my brain to the inside and that is why the surgery had to be quick. It was a really good job by the doctors.”

“They are doctors they have to tell you the truth and you have to take it.”

“The skull fracture did take a little longer than we all expected to heal, but it is a miracle to be here.”

Jimenez revealed that he doesn’t remember anything about the incident. He said: “I remember we arrived at the stadium, I left my things in the dressing room, went out with my teammates to see the pitch and then we returned to the dressing room – and then it’s like lights out.”

“I remember nothing else. I can remember when I first woke up in the hospital and I can remember some other things from the hospital but nothing really clear.”

“I asked the physio to send me videos from different sides of the pitch. I liked to see what happened because, for me, it was like it never happened because I don’t remember it.”

He added: “The most difficult part of the recovery was the last month of last season.”

“I felt I was ready, but the decision of the surgeons was that my skull hadn’t fully recovered. That’s something you can’t feel. You think you are ready but are not.”

“I said ‘OK, I need to keep doing what I’m doing to be ready for next season’.”

Jimenez has now been wearing a protective headguard as he featured against Leicester last weekend. He told: “If it was up to me I wouldn’t use it, but the doctors told me that it’s protection to prevent something that in this moment could be more dangerous for me than for any other player.”

“I feel good enough to do it without the headguard, but I know I have to be in the same line as the doctors and surgeons.”

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