Android 12 brings Scrolling Screenshots to its Google Chrome build

Google’s Android 12 will soon be officially launched pretty soon, and it seems that Google is reportedly adding a lot of highly requested features in Android 12. So let’s look at one of the features which were requested by many users and that feature is the scrolling screenshots.

This feature first came out with Android 12 Beta 3, and the feature as the name suggest lets you capture full-page screenshots, meaning you no longer have to manually capture and then stitch multiple screenshots together. But this feature already exists in other OEMs however, Google’s implementation of the feature is slightly different. So for now the feature isn’t working completely in all the applications right now.

When we say that Google’s approach in a scrolling screenshot is that this feature has different functionality than what other OEMs are offering. Most OEM implementations involve automatically scrolling down while capturing individual screenshots and then these screenshots are then combined once the end of the page is reached.

However, Google stated that this can result in poorly stitched together images and stated that Android 12’s version works directly on Views, which are the basic building block of user interface components in Android apps. By using this approach the feature in the Android 12 will be faster and more reliable but also this makes it less versatile.

The Android maker further states that the scrolling screenshots work out-of-the-box for most apps using a standard View-based UI, however what of web pages? The web pages are not contained within the kind of View that this screenshot feature was built for.

But Google has offered a solution for this problem, the company stated that developers whose apps don’t use a View-based UI or instead use a heavily customized UI, then they can implement Android 12’s new ScrollCapture API which gives the scroll capture system information on the view to be captured.

And this will also be implemented in Chrome as the browser developers are planning to add support for capturing full page screenshots on Android 12. according to reports, Chrome engineers prepare to add support for Android 12’s ScrollCapture API.

However, even after the implementation of this feature in chrome, we won’t be able to take full-page screenshots of every webpage. The feature doesn’t work for AMP right now, and reports state that the feature doesn’t work on pages with multiple scrollable regions.

The feature might get fixed in the future update or when it is officially released for Google Chrome.  As for other features which will be coming to Android 12 stay tuned.


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