Top 5 most high priced duos in the NBA world at present

Having a pair of stars in a single team is certainly great, and contributes to the team well. All the NBA teams are aware of the fact that in the case of winning a championship having a minimum of one NBA star is good, but it is certainly best if you have two NBA stars on the same team.

NBA in 2021-22 campaign in this regard

Concerning this star power, there are several NBA team which consists of a pair of stars, in the 2021-22 campaign. In this race, the LA Lakers top the list with their breathtaking duo of Russell Westbrook, and LeBron James. Adding their sum of earning, it will be a massive amount of 85.3 million dollars, and that too on just two players. Apart from these two, Anthony Davis earns an amount of 35.3 million dollars from the same club.

List of top 5 expensive pairs in the NBA teams at present

  1. Westbrook and James – They are from Lakers, with Westbrook having 44.2 million dollars while James with 41.1 million dollars, summing up to 85.3 million dollars.
  2. Harden and Durant – These two are from Nets, with the former one earning 44.3 million dollars and the latter with 40.9 million dollars, combining a total of 85.2 million dollars.
  3. Curry and Thompson – These two athletes are in Warriors, with Curry earning 45.7 million dollars and Thompson earning 37.9 million dollars, summing up to 83.6 million dollars.
  4. Antetokounmpo and Middleton – They are from Bucks. The former one earns an amount of 39.3 million dollars from the club with the latter earning 35.5 million dollars, standing at a total of 74.8 million dollars.
  5. Lillard and McCollum – The pair which ranks 5th in this list is the pair of Lillard and McCollum, earning 43.7 million dollars and 30.8 million dollars respectively, combining a total of 74.5 million dollars.

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