Man City, will try again for Harry Kane, Says Fabrizio Romano!

The excitement of the fans is in peak, as Italian journalist Fabrizio Romano comments on Man City’s upcoming step. He said on Twitter that Manchester City will go for Harry Kane this week, and hash-tagged MCFC.

The English footballer Harry Kane plays for Tottenham Hotspur in the premier league. The city will try again for his transfer, which will certainly be good to see. Premier League is starting from August 21, on the coming Saturday. This move of Man City on Harry Kane will be one of the most exciting things that fans will witness in one of the most popular football leagues in the world.

Man City with a 150 million euros ready for Harry Kane

Fabrizio Romano also added that Man City is ready with a bid of 150 million euros for the final position of the Spurs. And besides, the club is also ready to include any players or any addons. Though on the other hand Tottenham is also determined to keep the English footballer in their club.

Tottenham hasn’t received any proposal yet

Manchester City is trying its level best to execute this deal. They are thinking that, with their preparation of 150 million euros, the Spurs stance might alter. Though Tottenham hasn’t received any new proposal for Harry Kane from City. Else, they probably don’t have any proposal as well, as they have no plans to let Kane go.

The reaction of the fans

Multiple reactions are given by the fans. Harry Kane is one of the greatest strikers of the world in the present era. And a player like him in a club is an extra boost for them, and the fans of the club. Expediently, Tottenham Hotspur doesn’t want this deal to take place, and on the other hand, the fans of Man City are very much expecting this deal to be executed. It is to be seen what happens now.

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