Joan Laporta reveals Barcelona has a negative net worth of €451 million but will start the Espai Barca project

Barcelona are in a dire financial situation which has led to one of the worst possible outcomes, unable to re-sign Lionel Messi. The Argentine left for free this summer and joined PSG.

Barcelona president Joan Laporta has now revealed that Barcelona has a negative net worth of €451 million. He said: “Barcelona have a negative net worth of 451 million euros…. a wage bill that represents 103% percent of the club’s total income. It represents 20-25 percent more than our competitors.”

Laporta further added: “[We have] found a difficult situation when renegotiating the players’ contracts. There was a modus operandi that bypassed internal controls.”

The president also assured that “it [Espai Barca] has become obsolete. We are repositioning it, restructuring, remaking it. It is not exactly a new project but there are many variations. There is another VIP area ring that is placed in such a way that it allows us to locate the 12,000 subscribers who were at risk of being transferred from first to third tier. There is a second skin that gives us more ‘hospitality’ spaces. We do it with minimal affectation for the subscribers and with a planned calendar where we hope to start the works in the summer of 2022 “.

Laporta concluded: “If it can be telematic and we consider it, yes. It is always good to have the opinion of the partners. did there was little information.”

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