GPD X is the soon to be arriving Android-handheld gaming device with 6GB RAM and 128 GB of storage

GPD is best known for producing Windows-based machines such as Win 3. However, when the company original is started it started as the company which was related to Android gaming. 

But soon diverted itself to producing Windows-based machines but now it seems that the company is finally returning to its roots.  I going to retain information the company is the latest GPD XP,  which is an Android handheld gaming device that will be coming to the market pretty soon. 

This means that in the market of Android gaming we now have a new player and an established one. The company is yet to officially announce its Android-based handheld gaming device however it has already started teasing its device on its social media channels. 

From what we know so far about a new venture of GPD  is that its handheld Android gaming device which is the XP will have a display of 6.81 inches which is design for smartphones. I mean giving and 6.81 inches of display for high and gaming is acceptable however I accepted a lot bigger screen. 

But the interesting thing here is the hole punch given in the teasers which looks unusual for a gaming handheld device. Coming to the specifications of the device we conclude from various sources that it has a 7000 mah battery along with 6 GB of RAM and 12 GB of storage. 

The company also officially announced that the device will be available with either a MediaTek Helio G95, MediaTek Helio G90T or a Density 900 SoC. There are so many rumours going around that the handheld gaming device will also have a 4G modem with supporting 4G internet connectivity but no calls.  from the teasers, we found out that the biggest feature included in the GPD XP will be its modular controller, for which GPD has produced three so far.

Unfortunately, we don’t have any information regarding the pricing or the availability of the device. We believe that the device will be arriving soon and the official announcement is on the Horizon. 


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