Microsoft could do much better with the acquisition of some mobile gaming studios rather than TV screen game makers

Microsoft is probably the biggest software company in the world, as well as its Xbox brand, is a leader in the gaming market. Xbox brand has already undertaken many of the smaller studios like the Double Fine, Undead Labs, and inXile as well as some larger teams like Bethesda, Playground Games, and more.

The company has also announced that it intends to make more gaming acquisitions in the future, and also bolster the attractiveness of the Xbox Game Pass. And the hot topic which is going strong in the Xbox community and podcast circuit these days is related t the acquisition strategy of Microsoft. We have already heard the rumours going around that SEGA and EA are on the list of Xbox’s future acquisition, as to how much this holds remains to be seen.

But, there is a strong debate on the internet that believes that instead of TV screen games, it’s better if Microsoft also starts shifting its attention towards smaller gaming devices. In simple terms, mobile gaming is the next big thing in the market, and we already have some massive entries like PUBG, COD, Fortnite, etc to name a few that have created a massive share market for their organizations.

According to sources, the gaming industry stands at roughly 180 billion dollars as of 2021, and 59% of that comes from mobile spending. This is an unprecedented amount because it allows for games to be played in a much comfortable environment and anywhere.

However, it’s not that Microsoft has not involved itself in the mobile game business, it did but with mixed success. The company acquired Minecraft Pocket Edition, but with an unsuccessful rant of mobile games. Halo: Spartan Strike, Gears POP!, Forza Street, Minecraft Earth, and other mobile games from Microsoft didn’t pull the market either.

Microsoft certainly has some experience in the mobile gaming market. However, if the company decides to acquire a mobile gaming studio, then it will boost its market to a major extent. And who knows, maybe it can even compete with the likes of Tencent, Activision etc. As for what happens remains in the acquisition decision of Microsoft.


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