All you need to know about the public beta of macOS Monterey

Yesterday, Apple released its new public beta of the macOS 12 Monterey beta to public beta testers. This update allows the non-developers to test out the new macOS Monterey software before its released to the general public. This is the fourth beta update of the macOS Monterey public beta.

To download the new beta update, the public beta testers can go do so from the Software Update section of the System Preferences app after installing the proper profile from Apple’s beta software website.

Universal Control makes things easier

There are many new things that the Cupertino giant has introduced with its ‌macOS Monterey‌ which can be termed as major updates for the macOS operating system. We now have a new feature called the Universal Control, which lets a single mouse, trackpad, and keyboard be used across multiple Mac or iPad devices. This is a new and much-needed feature that is appreciated.

Improved FaceTime and Airplay from an iPhone to Mac

Along with that, we can also now directly AirPlay to a Mac from an iPhone, ‌iPad‌, or even another Mac. Safari has also received an updated tab bar and support for Tab Groups to keep tons of tabs organized. The new OS now adds some new features to FaceTime such as support for spatial audio, Portrait Mode (M1 Macs only) and Voice Isolation for cutting out background noise. There is also a SharePlay ‌FaceTime‌ feature that makes Apple TV users watch TV, listen to music, and share their screens.

Quick Notes to make things easier

Apple has added a new feature called Shared With You, which keeps track of the music, links, podcasts, news, and photos that people receive in Messages. Notes have also received a new Quick Note feature which makes it easier to note down thoughts.

The goodies do not just end here, but instead, we are getting a new dedicated Focus mode to help people stay on task by cutting out background distractions. The new OS update also brings with it support for Live Text, which can detect text in photos or provide details on animals, art, landmarks, plants, and more in images.


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